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Sue Kincheloe
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Oh, the childhood joys of ladybugs and fireflys in the Oklahoma weather. Brings back some wonderful memories with my sister.
Toggle Commented Apr 25, 2011 on Lady bug, lady bug... at The View from Here
Too funny--but sad that we have lost the whole idea of customer service today. I have to share my Walgreen's story dealing with my last name--I laugh even when I think about it today and it happened several years ago. I stopped at the drive-thru at the Walgreen's that I've gone to for probably 30 years. My prescription had been dropped off earlier and I was feeling really poorly when I went back to pick it up. The girl asked me over the drive-thru speaker for my last name. I pronounced it for her very slowly "KINCH-A-LOW, SUE KINCH-A=LOW". Now there are not a lot of Kincheloe's around and that usually does the trick. She looked in the bins and came back and asked again. I repeated the same thing and then proceeded to spell it for her. "K-I-N" and she interrupted me with "A-I-N". I said, "No, it's K-I-N" and she interrupted me again with "A-I-N". My throat was killing me and I, too, was becoming very frustrated. Being the teacher, I then told her, "It's not A, it's K as in" at this point I went totally blank for any word in my vocabulary that even began with a K let alone made the K sound. I eventually told her "K as in knife". Of course, as soon as I said that I felt like a total idiot. She turned around and got my prescription, I paid, and left laughing all the way home. After all, laughter is the best medicine, you know.
Love the new look of your blog!
Toggle Commented Jan 5, 2010 on Blankets for Babies at The View from Here