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It's interesting how different perspectives can be. Some people look at loose, roaming dogs in other countries and see happy, healthy animals allowed to socialize and wander and soak up the good life of living relatively natural as can be expected. Other people look at those dogs and see the rampant over-breeding, lack of vet care which results in slow, painful deaths of disease and injury, lack of quality food which causes health problems like rotting teeth, the consequences of a certain lack of care that results in "excess" animals being rounded up and shot, gassed, poisoned, drowned, or worse, the results of spreading diseases, and the overall attitude towards animal welfare which is usually very lacking. Socialization certainly doesn't suffer, but other behaviors that in any way make an animal remotely inconvenient don't end in a health check or behavior modification, they end in death. I'll take leash and anti-roaming laws for domesticated animals any day, though I agree that regulation is not always the right answer (such as pet limit laws).
It's been a few years since my last experience with NHS, but the Then versus Now comparison hasn't much improved apparently. Then, it was against their policy to take in (as from other shelters or rescues) any brindle dogs, no matter the breed appearance, regardless of the litter's quality (i.e. all but one was solid colored, showing indications of being greyhound mixes). Their reasoning was that any brindle dog would be labeled pit or pit mix, and according to them, vets in the area would tell any owners of brindle dogs to get rid of those dogs immediately. It seemed to me that this was a convenient way of distancing themselves from any responsibility to educate or advocate for shelter animals. Since then I have been told by volunteers that the shelter has tentatively worked to try and find homes for a few pits and pit mixes, though the impression I got was that it was very sparingly.
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2009 on Breed Identification Issues - Omaha at KC DOG BLOG
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Nov 24, 2009