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Funny, you wouldn't know it by reading the comments here, but a lot of the female film critics hated it too. Maybe, just maybe, not having a vagina isn't the author's problem here, it's having an IQ higher than 45 that's preventing them from grasping the esoteric joys of the film.
Toggle Commented May 26, 2010 on Film Review - Sex and the City 2 at BRIANORNDORF.COM
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I can't believe you're getting hate mail on this one. Are there people honestly that daft? And we wonder why they (the studios) continue to make terrible movies. . .it's because no matter how utterly braindead a film they puke out, not only will the inbred go see it, they'll violently defend it.
Toggle Commented May 3, 2010 on Film Review - Furry Vengeance at BRIANORNDORF.COM
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So much pie. My girlfriend works for Village Inn, frequently bringing home their pies whole. I've often laughed about the endorsements written on the packaging boasting of "pie of the year" awards bestowed from the American Pie Council, assuming them to be a work of commercial puffery--an embellished group consisting of pie and food industry insiders existing solely to release self-serving pie recommendations to subsequently boost pie sales; clever marketing really. Then, one day, curiosity got the better of me and I googled them. Mine's the fool, it seems. They are a real organization, one after my own heart. Wish I could have been there. One of your pictures there, by the way, is my all time favorite pie: the gut-busting, calorie-bombing and all-together irresistible Village Inn/Baker's Square Christmas Silk or Candy Cane Silk Pie. Dee-licious!
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Michael Bay continues his perfect record: Not a single film he's made-whether as Producer or Director-has been even remotely worth watching. I remain steadfastly convinced that if a film he did produce actually ended up being even vaguely watchable to anyone other than a buzzed fratboy he would angrily hurl the disc back at the editor and storm out of the room, demanding the whole thing be scrapped and reshot and written from the floor up.
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I want to give this a shot, I really do, and I know better than to let previews guide me, but every time I see Carrell in the TV spots yelling "IT'S A KILLSHOT!!", "IT'S A KILLSHOT!!!!" I just can't imagine sitting through 90+ minutes of people yelling whenever they can't creatively find a way to make a scene funny. That, and hearing adult white people bungle urban slang stopped being amusing five years ago.
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2010 on Film Review - Date Night at BRIANORNDORF.COM
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With Worthington as the focal point, I'd be surprised if this film were anything but a failure. He has zero charisma, zero talent, and worst of all, apparently zero creative ambition. He invests about as much time in developing a character as most people invest in an everyday bowel movement, and the result is no less fragrant.
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What puzzles me about this film is that despite receiving so many poor reviews, some of them outright seething, it's still seen its way to a Golden Globe Best Picture nomination and is still considered a lock for an Academy Award nomination. It's currently sitting at 48% on; if that isn't a record low rating for an oscar nominated movie, it's damn close.
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2009 on Film Review - Nine at BRIANORNDORF.COM
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Actually, this review is very much inline with the majority of reviews on rottentomatoes. Most critics mark the film as being superbly viewable on a visual scale, but lacking in the story department. The term "corny" has come up a lot. It all depends on what you rate higher, the way the film looks, or the way the story tells. Most of the positive reviews take pains to note they evaluated it principally on the way it looks. I was looking forward to Brian's review, as I find myself in agreement with his reviews quite often, perhaps more so than any other critic out there. I'll have to wait until Saturday to gauge my take on the film.
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2009 on Film Review - Avatar at BRIANORNDORF.COM
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