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In my own experience, I have found that everything you have shared in the article above to be true. Personally, I have also found that people get their hackles up at the term "possessed", and like to nitpick the subject. I for the most part try to sidestep that word where possible, but I DO say one thing: "I don't care HOW you think it happens, or where you think they're located. I don't care if they're in, under, on, or around you, the demons have to go. I don't care if you call it possessed, oppressed, depressed, whatever, they aren't allowed to stay. Period. And so we need to make them go." I just let people know that I'm not into an argument, but regardless of their particular view on the subject, I am serious about dealing with the demonic. Now personally, I believe and have found that ANYONE can have a spirit INSIDE of them. Again, classify it however you want, but at some point in time it has to leave their physical body for it to be no longer bothering them. One other thing that I find messes with people's ideas about spirits is HOW they tend to leave. This might fit into the "best practices" category. I have found, and scripture supports the concept in theory, that demons often leave in the form of some kind of wind. It states that "He makes his angels winds, his servants flames of fire" somewhere in the OT. Demons being fallen angels (or that being the common belief and mine as well), means to me that they are also winds, on some level. Often when people are getting demons kicked out of them, I notice that we (I've done it to myself too), tend to yawn, fart, burp, cough, sneeze, or vomit. Now, the vomiting I don't think is wind-like, but all of the others involve something in the 'wind' category. And it's a useful indicator of when something is happening, too. If the person starts yawning like crazy, farting a lot, burping, etc. then it means that whatever you're doing is effective. It might sound silly when I say this, but I have found it to be very true. If you DO cast demons out of people regularly enough and have never observed this, watch, because you probably will after this. And if you disagree, that's fine too. But it's the closest thing to a physical indicator that can be used pretty much across the board that I've found. Mind you, there are lots of other things, like if the person who is hissing like a snake stops hissing and starts talking normally, you've probably made some progress there too.... =) As for verses in the Bible that support Christians having demons - there's only 1 that I'm aware of, and it is open to interpretation, but if one looks at it logically, it makes sense. In Acts, Philip is down in Samaria (I think it's Samaria) and he's preaching, casting out demons, and baptizing. Now tell me, if he's kicking demons out of people and THEN getting them saved/baptizing them, and if Christians CAN'T have demons, wouldn't it be a huge time-saver if he just skipped the deliverance part and went straight to the baptizing? I mean, if I have to spend time casting out demons or just getting people saved and that's it, then I wouldn't EVER waste my time on deliverance. Rather, I'd just tell everyone that they have to follow Jesus if they want free from the devils, and leave it at that. But, since it doesn't work like that, I don't bother.
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Nov 23, 2010