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If you fell so bad why are you laughing and cracking jokes on the board if you feel so bad. Or is this fail sarcasm. -___-
It was for anyone who is still crying over Rossi not playing for the USA.
I like that Boon-bury.
Please read my post again. I did not say he didn't grew up in USA -___-. I said he did not grow up through the US soccer system. Basically, I am saying he did not start and grow up through the MLS soccer system and ranks. He grew up in the European soccer system and ranks.
He will pick Honduras I think. Then again if he picks USA I will not be surprised. Why are they giving him a special I know he is good, but he is just a MLS player. I can see if he was playing for Arsenal and Chelsea and getting starts then give him a special,but why do we have to wait until a special. I would not be surprised if he picked USA because if he wanted to pick Honduras he would already be capped only youth or youth and senior both by now.
OMG, get over Rossi he did not even grow up in the US professional soccer system. I can see if he grew up in it like Subotic did, but he did not. So end of story.
Replace Bedoya with Diskerud. Replace Bundury wit Charlie Davies only if he keeps up his MLS form.
Sorry my bad forgive me, lol. :D
But he is not getting club playing time. With no playing club time your form goes bye bye.
He did not score so that did not show much.
Bradley is good my only complaint is we do not try anything new we come out every game with Bradley paired with someone else. Maybe BB is scared to try something new cause it might work and MB will be left out who knows ?
He use to be the best we have. Jones is better then Bradley are you serious ????? Empty bucket everyone was complaining about an empty at forward not center midfield. Also, if Bradley is so good why can't he beat out the other CM at Villa. Yes, that was a bash on MB. So yeah he was dumb for getting loaned to AV they have a lot of dept at CM. He did nothing in either friendly, so get over he did not perform well. I am getting over we are not going to experiment with the line up.
I am not bashing him I am not a MB hater. Everyone else is bashing him . I just want Bob to try something new. How have I bashed MB ? Give me a quote, I have posted ? Yes, I did bash Bedoya and Ream,but that is the only people I have bashed. I am just agreeing with Jones I wanna see a Jones and Edu combo. If you could see you can see that all three are even!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So get off my back. -___-
Okay so Ream did have one good pass to Edu which he gave to Dempsey them Dempsey took a wack and the keeper caught it. That is all I saw good.GSScasuael called my post stupid. He also said I should never be allowed to comment again or watch soccer becaue my post is stupid. Just because I state my opinion on a post, I get attacked and the post is called stupid. That is immature too.
I am not trolling. I want the US to succeed as well as the next fan. I want to get back to our confed cup 2009 form. Obviously, you are hating because you keep on replying to what I say.
Hey Arnold is a good example man. He did not know the teams full potential because he was stuck on only starting his son. Well the favortism is making a lot of fans sick and as you can see for the two games we played it did not do much for the US. We know what Bradley can do. Try something new, already. I bet if Stu was completely healthy he would still start Bradley and Stu was scoring goals and starting every game. I know we will never know since Stu got injured, but hey.
I say put Bradley up as a forward paired with Jozy, or Agudelo.
They can be on the team they just cannot have their dad being the coach which does not make sense to me. Even though your son is one of the best on the team. It limits the team because you might not try new combos that work. Also, what if your son get injured you do not have a back up combo because you started your son every game and were biased. I remember that episode of Hey Arnold back in the day. Pass the ball to Tucker! then Tucker realized the team was centered around him and no one else was given a chance.
It is true. It is not a argument.
I wanna see Jones and Edu can we see it once ? Gosh, I knew when Bob Bradley was named US coach that he was going to show favortism to his son. FIFA should make a rule that coaches of the national team cannot be related to any of the players. I believe the same thing happened to Slovakia if I am not mistaken one of the players dad was the coach. Bradley jr. is good, but I wanna see some new blood.
So I get attacked and I defend myself and its childish ? How ? He insulted me first so I insulted him back. How was Reams passing stellar ? He passed the ball to Paraguay a lot of times. He was very shakey on the ball and looked nervous. His poor defending as well as demerit made us concede. Chandler and Jones were good. Donovan was good also. Jones tackling and passing was far stellar and superior to REAM. (SBI-Micah, maybe I missed it, but I didn't see anybody calling you stupid (I stand corrected, after a search I did find a "You idiot", which I removed. Stand by your opinions, but pulling out the "you're stupid" line was a bit much, even if someone comes at you. Two wrongs don't make a right. As for Ream's "poor defending" on the goal, he got pulled down and no foul was called. If that's what your basing your entire premise on then you might want to reconsider. Then again, it seems clear you're set in what you believe, even if nobody agrees with you. So tell me, do you think the world is flat too? Haha.))
I am not a Troll and you guys are stalkers. Do not come to Clemson looking for me. :P
Your stupid for thinking his passing was good. If it was so good how come his brilliant passing did not lead us to a goal. -___- How come he could not do a long pass over the Par defense then someone runs on and score. So my point is right. (SBI-Micah, you're entitled to your opinion but calling people "stupid for disagreeing with you is pretty childish. Also, you might want to ask yourself why most journalists, and most USMNT players, all agreed that his passing was stellar. You seem to be living in serious denial if you're going to ignore that. Argue that his defending wasn't stellar, but to sit here and keep insisting his passing was bad makes me seriously question what game you were watching.)