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I just found your blog via the article in the post about Twitter, Susan. This is quite off topic of Lisa, so first let me say I'm so sorry that another light has been dimmed. This quote struck me from your post: "Meanwhile, busy playing serene Frozen Pea princess, distracting myself with outreach, stupidly sure that I had a handle on what was happening with my own cancer and generally not understanding diddly squat, I made Lisa one of my favorite "adoptees"." Do you believe having gone through what you have, that it is exactly that distraction of outreach that kept you going and helped you through your experience? Would your own battle have been more/less difficult without the outside project you had going on? Just curious. I think it sounds like such a wonderful thing to be focused on that it makes me very interested to know if something like this can't do anything BUT help a person going through this journey?
Another liberal jumping up to shout WELL WRITTEN! And mention that I may be linking on my facebook!?
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