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San Francisco, CA
I am an entrepreneur, working on the confluence of technology, entrepreneurship and design.
Interests: technology, design, web software, iphone applications, venture capital, health care, reading, microsoft, starting companies, technology, microfinance, unitus, bizworld, poverty alleviation
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I'm honored to learn that old friends continue to passionately share their opinions on this blog. Strangely, I continue to receive comments and feedback via email and facebook as opposed to the "Disqus comments" on the blog itself. Out of... Continue reading
I admire Gauri Nanda from Nanda Home for reimagining the obvious - a mundane alarm clock. Snooze buttons in an alarm clock defeat the purpose of an alarm clock, especially for the occasional over-sleepers like me. Gauri redesigned the alarm... Continue reading
On my comfortably long flight from San Francisco to Dubai last week, I got a chance to reflect upon things I've learned since my last trip to the subcontinent. Amongst many things across various personal and professional realms, the highest... Continue reading
My approach to time management is simple - eliminate tasks which don't absolutely require my involvement and focus on a few important tasks where only I can add value. I learned time management while preparing for the dreaded college entrance... Continue reading
How many magazines do you subscribe to? Most interesting people I know subscribe to at least five to ten magazines (often in areas outside their primary occupation.) Most magazines have beautifully designed websites (often available for free), but I prefer... Continue reading
Joy, action and imagination are my biggest motivators and we work very hard to ensure that everyone I work with also experience them through their work. I've been taking a lot of interviews lately to hire for our growing team.... Continue reading
What's the primary difference between a brick and mortar mall and an online marketplace for both buyers and sellers? The buyers are able to instantly search and discover desired products and sellers are able to target their services to buyers... Continue reading
Fight, flee or flow - are the three obvious approaches to any challenge. When faced with a challenging, one can either fight it (read "change" it) or can flee away (read "give up") or flow (abandon your judgement and accept... Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010
I've always enjoyed creating and using products which not only fulfills the needs of the user, but also caters to the desires of the user. A well designed product does what the user expects it to do, but some go... Continue reading
I've believed firmly that microfinance is one of the most effective instruments to alleviate global poverty on a huge scale. I've been fascinated with microfinance, because it fosters entrepreneurship amongst the poor. However, the entrepreneur in me was always curious... Continue reading
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Dec 24, 2009
Hey Prateek, Thanks for the note. That's true (Amazon..) I believe IMDb actually partners with Hulu to provide premium content (business model could be revenue share).. for instance: