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A striking resemblance to Texas Chili con carne "Bowl of Red". Differences are really minor, spices only: cumin instead of caraway (which tastes almost the same as caraway), and Mexican oregano instead of marjoram (both actually taste quite similar too). Although not as often, but marjoram is also used in Texas chili con carne, it is perfectly acceptable. Mexican oregano or marjoram - you decide. Both are used in Texas for this dish. Just one or the other, not both at the same time. I would also half the amount of onion. No vinegar though; people who prefer a bit of sourness may add fresh diced or crushed tomatoes in their Bowl of Red. Perhaps that range cook in the early 19th century who used to grow chile peppers in patches of mesquites on the catlle-trail in Texas to feed hungry herders, was an Austrian immigrant after all ? We'll probably never know although it's entirely possible. Use a regular non-smoked Hungarian paprika twice as much as the smoked one, and you may even cheat someone with this fiakergoulash, telling it's the original chili con carne from Texas. He may note a difference you didn't use a traditional Ancho or Numex chile powder, but the most he may come up with would be: "you perhaps used powdered Chimayo chile, or Chilaca pepper ? The similarity to Texas chili is truly striking.
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2012 on Fiakergulasch (Beef goulash) at thepassionatecook
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Jan 12, 2012