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I just read that article and checked in here to see if there was any comment one way or the other. Glad I did.
Toggle Commented Feb 29, 2008 on News from Iraq at BlackFive
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Jeffrey, Judging from your posts, you probably do a significant amount of "discreet arm pumping"..and I also guess its more infinite than discrete. Whatever. I'd also imagine that if the US was invaded, maybe by communists like in that 80's movie, "Red Dawn" or by maybe bearded Islamist suicide bombers, you would side with the invader. And if you suddenly became aware that you were wrong, and switched sides, I would be dazzled. I would expect to see your swicthing of sides posted on Blackfive, or maybe even in the Drudge Report. But don't let me interupt any of your pumping.
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