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Thanks for your encouragement to keep drawing.
Thank you for this. I've often wondered at the mechanism behind conversations with seasoned colleagues--how it is I come away seeming to know more than what they said. Lots of food for thought in this. Getting at tacit knowledge looks to me like a good interview.
Please write twenty more lines on this story.
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Thank you for that! My favorite writers take me deep places without forcing me to learn their specialized language. Three cheers for clarity!
I'm a great fan of Dr. Johnson, but I disagree on this one. I like how you point out that we hold conversation up to the same measure of productivity as we do nearly everything else in life. It's a good conversation if some task results from the conversation. I agree that is not a good measure. But I would argue that the best conversation brings with it a kind of "Aha!" where our synapses fire in a different way and we suddenly have connected two disparate ideas--all because of the words we exchange with our conversation partner. Those are my happiest conversations. Thanks for post, Nick.
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Alain, I'm a big fan of nearly all you write, but I think you just barely got it right on the Christianity part. That "the misery of work was an unavoidable consequence of the sins of Adam and Eve" is accurate, but there's another side. The other side is that meaningful work was part of the Creator's provision for the beings He created. He created them to work, to co-labor and create in the place he planted them before sin entered the picture. Sin just made that work much harder. I appreciate your reflective article.
Thank you for leaping to your feet. We need more of that kind of reaction where breakfast is involved.
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That is a beautiful story. Sad, but beautiful. Plus: who can resist watching workers pour molten iron into molds?
Toggle Commented Feb 10, 2011 on The Non-Riding Pony at UNREMITTING FAILURE
Excellent! Questions really are the stuff of new ideas. Great post.
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