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Great post, Janet! I had no idea you could like an Amazon author page... which is shameful since I actually have one. So what's going on with the Facebook hostage situation? I'd heard a whisper of it before but am I to understand that people who "like" pages are not getting status updates?
Well said! I think a lot of people still don't "get" social media. They just don't realize how spammy posts can feel, or they start to feel overwhelmed by all the different types of social media so they shut down. But in today's Internet age, where so many people are researching products and buying online, we NEED to be better at it if we want to sell. (And I'm not saying I'm great at it either. It seems not a week goes by when I don't think, "Duh! Why wasn't I doing THAT?") My advice to small business friends facing overload is to find out where your clients are online, and focus on that one social media platform until you're ready to move on to others. And then get a social media management system like Hootsuite!
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Sep 17, 2011