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Why do some people choose to see evil everywhere? Why do Alan Klein & Russ Swatek assume everyone in Town Center agrees with their viewpoint? As a young(er) person here, I am thrilled with the progress being made. Symphony Woods is boring under the Cy Paumier plan and is exciting under the Inner Arbor plan! Do I think that CA will do everything perfectly? No (although what defines perfect in this case isn't really clear). But this particular lienholder of a Town Center residence is perfectly fine with the transfer of money to this new 501c3 for managing & developing SW. I want my money, actually mostly my husband's since I'm part-time :), to go toward progress. Nice things cost money. I am curious, however, if the CCD will figure out some way to file a lawsuit. In which case, I will not be happy because that would be a WASTE of CA's money. Inner Arbor, however, is not.
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Mar 25, 2013