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"Unfortunately it's not that simple. We are caught in a conundrum of damned if we do burn FF (climate change) and damned if we don't (economic contraction)." Hans -- This is a false dichotomy. The truth is closer to "damned if do burn FF, and FF financial interests damned if we don't." At least in the US, huge amounts of $$$ are (as they say) "sitting on the sidelines" waiting for some kind of demand to pick-up. Clear and long-term regulatory signals wrt forcing the industry to pay the full costs of FF-based energy, either through taxes or through properly managed carbon credit markets, would lead to massive investment in renewable energy and a surge in economic growth. The benefits of non-FF energy would manifest both in the short term (via all of the direct investment/jobs and secondary economic stimulation), as well as in the longer term through--once the infrastructure is built--very cheap energy, as well as less obvious (though still very significant) ways such as reduced heath care costs . . . Not even mentioning the potential benefits of avoiding additional sea level rise and other AGW negative effects. Get the word out, clearly and succinctly: for 99% of humanity, and probably for the rest as well, immediate and massive efforts towards building renewable energy infrastructure--in fact all of our crumbling infrastructure--is truly a win-win scenario. Fortunately, renewable energy is reaching the economic tipping-point in many places and with multiple technologies so that government intervention isn't strictly necessary to make it happen. IMHO, however, everything we can do to prevent the extraction and burning of each and every barrel of oil, ton of coal, etc, is a huge victory for our children's future and the remaining biodiversity on our planet. On the other side sit the amoral FF fuel corporations lobbying for every possible advantage to extract every last ounce of oil, coal, and gas they can before the inevitable happens. Will we let them? It is NOT a trade-off, a huge movement away from FF and towards renewables is nearly all upside!!! Cheers, Gideon
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2013 on Perception of the Arctic 2 at Arctic Sea Ice
Hello everyone. I've been lurking here for about year trying learn as much as I can. I find this blog to be an amazing example of the power of social media to create global communities that are a force for positive change (Bravo Neven!). I've lately been browsing NASA Worldview imagery more and more carefully each day, and noticed something near the NP just now. Could this be what I think it is?,-48690.54186,322505.713709,138957.45814&products=baselayers,MODIS_Terra_CorrectedReflectance_Bands367~overlays,arctic_graticule_3413&time=2013-06-30&switch=arctic Look at the shape in the center of the image. Perhaps it is too small to really be the Goat's Head, but the the resemblance is uncanny! I couldn't get the shape to show-up any other way except by using the "Terra/MODIS Corrected Reflectance (3-6-7)" layer. I'm not sure if the link provided will show the same image by the time the day is done or not, but I did also save a copy to my local drive. Cheers, Gideon added a favorite at Arctic Sea Ice
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