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"I don't want HIV and if you are also negative, you should not want it, either. The ad isn't saying round up all HIV positive people and keep them in's saying protect *yourself* or this may happen to you." This response is for Osiris, Freeleo and others who say this is about HIV-negative people: I don't separate "HIV-negative people" from the overall idea of "prevention." There is also a problem with any HIV prevention strategy that does not factor in HIV-positive people. One major tool in prevention is testing and disclosure. It is not an "optional extra" to go along with prophylactics; it is essential. Will this ad help or undermine THAT essential part of HIV-prevention? Secondly, yes, the research does show that scare tactics don't work. So is this really about HIV-negative people at all? This ad is actually not truthful. Its shrill rhetoric is deceitful and dishonest. Does deceit or exaggeration help people make informed, healthy decisions? If people are "talking about it", what kind of conversations are they having? Ones that will lead to prevention and good, healthy decision making or ones that promote fatalism, fear and anxiety? And does fatalism fear and anxiety lead to healthy decision making?
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Some of the comments are undeniably lashing out at Gaymon, who actually may be a victim here. But the anger is there because these guys who engage in man-on-man sex still feel as though they have the right to claim straight privilege when they are not living up to the conventional expectations of straight life--regardless of what you call it ("gay," "straight," "DL," "bibbedy-bobbidy-boo"). I have to admit, it is pretty infuriating. While those who engage in same-sex behavior may not be "gay" I think it is still deceitful for them to wrap themselves in the label "straight" and help themselves to all the perks and privileges that this label gives you. So yeah, the gall of it kind of pisses me off too. As far as this case is concerned, what ever happened to the idea of "absolute power corrupts absolutely"? I don't care how noble you think cops are, power is inherently dangerous (like that ring in Lord of the Rings). This entire situation--where a lone cop goes into a dark, seedy place unaccountable and with no oversight--should never happen, ever. There need to be more checks on police authority in this country.
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"If these Mexicans are here illegal they shouldnt be hanging out in bars trying to make extra money as coin operated trade!! Thats real talk!!" Yeah, "real talk" out of your behind. Racism in all its forms should concern all people of color--and even decent white folks. The fact that you aren't concerned about it causes me to shake my head. Don't expect all black people to be as myopic as you.
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Feb 13, 2010