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Fact I have watched the movie vaxxed Fact: In this movie vaxxed Andrew Wakefield Recommends vaccination Fact In this movie the main focus is a taped phone conversation with a senior scientist from CDC Dr William Thompson, Fact The Scientist admits that the researchers including himself on the MMR paper in 2004 LIED and Destoyed DAta and changed data to make a link with Austism and MMR disappear from the finding. Fact The Scientist Dr William Thompson .. said he had GREAT shame knowing he was part of a cover up FACT vaxxed film has thousand of filmed interviews with parents whos children have have had violent life damaging INSTANT reaction to vaccine FACT the vaccine damage fund in the USA has paid 3 BILLION US out in damages to the seriously vaccine damaged FACT most media who write about the film have NEVER seen it FACT most government officials sceptics and medical people have never seen the film vaxxed FACT VAxxed is not an anti vaccination film
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Aug 11, 2017