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Not sure what happened Mario. Nothing was deleted. Sorry about that. Try again if you have the time. Thanks.
Tim, there is a lot of truth in what you are saying. However, it is not improbable in my view that a grassroots movement would develop in the U.S. to reclaim federalism. As many states have to cope with serious fiscal crisis and even the threat of default, it may come to light that federal encroachment in the decision powers of states has a lot to do with the problem. See for instance the likes of Steve Lonegan in NJ or Governor Mark Sanford in SC. But yes, the likelihood is still small at this stage. And thanks Mario for the Hazlitt reference.
Thanks Craig. K.D. I hope there will be a grassroots movement in the U.S. reclaiming federalism and the Constitution. It is possible but for this to happen, we will need many institutional entrepreneurs.
David, In the introduction, the authors of the index acknowledge that they left out some issues because of their nature, but they have all the data on their website for anyone who wants to do the maths with other criteria. Not sure if the index as it stands has a "culturally conservative bias", but it does a good job trying to go beyond the standard measures of economic freedoms. Moreover the authors found that the least free states in the index have experienced out-migration, which is what one would expect in a federal system. Frederic
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