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This might be why...
This decision tells me that the USSF has no ambition higher than the second round of the World Cup. This is where the bar is set and that mediocrity is fine with them. I would hope for a better showing next Cup myself. It is time for a change, it is shown time after time that coaches in their second cycle do worse in their second cup attempt with precious few exeptions. Bradley's biggest fault is is unflagging loyalty to mediocre players, (ie Bornstein, Clark) We have better talent coming (not that they are on par with the young Germans or Spainyards)but will he leave his comfort zone to include them? One problem is the pool of available coaches at the present time. The biggest problem is player development, Many African countries can identify and develop far better than we can at present. Gulati is happy with the present system so all we can hope for is the first or second round...
Gulati showing us again that he is a true soccer visionary who is willing to take risks to further the cause of American Soccer on the world stage...maybe we will get lucky in Brazil and not have to face Ghana again as they seem to be able to identify and develop talent better than Gulati's system can and at a fraction of the cost. We are Boned!
No pain, no gain...
Did you mean can anyone dribble, complete more than 3 passes in succession, or know when to hold the ball so 6 speedy Brazilians who do don't make a beeline for your goal
Only those who can afford club soccer at the youth level get decent coaching. We do not have the resources and infrastructure yet. In other countries professional clubs identify and develop talent, we still rely on colleges and private club teams. The youth get better training at a much younger age with more knowledgeable coaches. MLS has youth programs which may produce quality players but it will take time to catch up.
One or two players hardly equals a successful program, compared to the competition that is laughable at best. Time to take it to the next level.
Much more at stake for The Brazilian players to be seen by the new coach. There aren't enough quality players in the USMNT pool to create meaningful competition, we seem to be too busy looking to naturalize players than to effectively develop them. Gulati should get off his a@$ and get cracking on the youth front after watching what the young Brazilians are doing to the US today!
We could play Iraq or Afghanistan at home and still have fewer fans in the stands...
The US really needs to work on their possession...
That second penalty call was weak at best, Krol gets a studs up tackle that should have been a straight red to Kovalenko and the ball brushes a hand as he turns away and boom, yellow and a penalty?
I don't care who you up top, if you are putting 10 behind the ball they will be hard pressed to do anything...
I hope he findss nothing but success and lives up to his potential!
"Despite not being happy about his lack of scoring chances and the Fire's lack of offense, John is happy with his form." If being a lumbering oaf whose clumsy touch and neandertal challenges lead to loss of possession and inability to provide service his fellow players are on form then yes I agree with his statement.
Would not mind seeing Zizzo in Chicago, maybe they can trade Mapp to the winner.
Not even mentioned on the Fire's own Blog! Way to go Marketing Department... guess they don't work on the weekend!
As of 7:51 AM, no mention of Castillo's arrival on either Fox Soccer or Espn Soccer websites. Funny how seldom the Fire is mentioned on either, I wonder why...
While I am optimistic about this signing, who will provide service other than dropping in balls from 35 yards out? Will Castillo come in fit or will it take a month to find his legs? I hope that Castillo and Nyarko gel quickly to open up avenues for others! Please bring in someone under 32 who can distribute. Finally, does Collins John realize he is paid to play soccer and not rugby?
Like the Chicago Cubs?
We need help and fast, central mid is a glaring weakness. The problem is what DP would want to come into this mess. A coach who can't instill basic defensive tactics, management that has lost the ability to identify talent, it is easy to blame it on injuries, but the starting 11 when healthy were not setting the league ablaze either. It is truly sad that soccer in Chicago has dropped to this level. The Fire would be hard pressed to beat an English league 2 team at present. Hate to post like this but the season ticket holders and all fans who show up for that matter deserve a far better product than they are recieving. I hate seeing so many empty seats...
What a joke! This morning the Chicago Tribune reports the tournament will get the best of the Fire and goes on to say how serious DLC is approaching the game, then says nothing about the beating they took by not even discussing the score, merely telling when the next match is. Classic!
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2010 on Focused Fire faces Morelia tonight at Soccer By Ives
I saw the need for a coaching change as well, but at least the team had an identity with Hamlett and you knew what to expect from match to match, this is a serious downgrade at coach, He is just listless. What happened to the teams ability to evaluate talent?
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2010 on Focused Fire faces Morelia tonight at Soccer By Ives
5-1, team was well prepped for this one, lots of injuries last year too, never looked this bad though. Absolutely horrendous. I can't wait for DLC to explain this one... At least Kinney found the net instead of the post today.
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2010 on Focused Fire faces Morelia tonight at Soccer By Ives
MLS is not a joke, just the Fire. If this is what De Los Cobos means by more focused...Hamlett wasn't so bad now was he. At least he could could keep the team somewhat focused, this is just utter crap. Let's find a coach who understands the long tradition of Chicago soccer, this is embarrassing! Klopas should know better...
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2010 on Focused Fire faces Morelia tonight at Soccer By Ives