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Is there some new secret way to view this week's releases? My list still shows last week's rental option under "New Releases - 1 Week."
I wonder if the returning features of the old streaming site coming back isn't somewhat related to this.
Netflix website JUST starting working with me. Real slow still but streaming as I type this.
Honestly, I can't use it. My first selections are all movies I've either seen, have in queue or rated "not interested". I don't know how to fix that. What I hate the most is that the title/stars are all in the popups. Some box art is just a picture and without putting my mouse on it NO idea what it is. BTW, Love that the official blog is 1200+ of comments hating on it.
@Gir LastPass has an android app. I believe it's a dollar a month though cause you need the Premium Version to connect.
This is a pretty nice site. The little "Streaming Til" tab is really what makes it for me. No point looking forward to a movie to realize it expires in a day. Also Shutter Island is considered a great movie by both sites? Sigh...
I actually watched this happened today. Apparently the queue manager keeps setting certain movies as "Coming soon" which takes them out of the queue and puts them in the saved section. The system resets like 5 minutes later and puts all the misplaced movies at the bottom. It's happened to me twice over the last week and I went to go watch a movie at lunch and noticed what I wanted was in the saved section. I hit reload and it was back in the queue but at the bottom.
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May 24, 2011