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Kasa - The personal finance tracker for the hashtag era. Randomized testing data displayed. It's that time of the year again when daylight is only seen from office windows and the darkness of evenings comes way too early. Getting much more home time, I wanted to finally get a better overview of my spending. Fortunately we live in the age of apps - you need something? There's an app for it. I searched for some of that do-it-all-for-you apps, but privacy was my primary concern. Pretty much all the popular personal finance apps take your financial data and upload it... Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2018 at Marty's typepad
As I got a new job unrelated to KDE couple months ago, I'm finding myself having less and less time and motivation to keep up with my maintainer's duties. Therefore I think it's time to pass on some of the KDE things that have my name in the "maintainer" field. First off, there's the whole notifications stack, which includes KNotifications framework, the fdo notifications server and finally Plasma's popup notifications. The whole stack is relatively simple and does not require much attention, but it could use some forward pushing to not be stuck in 2009 anymore. Staying in the Plasma... Continue reading
Posted Jun 18, 2016 at Marty's typepad
So in the past month I've devoted my weekends to get proper emojis support ready for KDE software. Thanks to our fantastic KEmoticons framework, all the heavy lifting is already done, we just needed a theme and utilize the theme. I've came across this awesome open source set called Emoji One, which features over 1600 emojis and is ready to be used with CC BY 4.0 license. I've created a KEmoticons theme out of the last released set, supporting both the :ascii: notation as well as the unicode symbols which were gladly contributed by David Gil Oliva. This theme of... Continue reading
Posted May 30, 2016 at Marty's typepad
> that would be great if it was integrated into plasma / KDE in general Perhaps, for mtrack that is however the job of the integrator, which in this case are the distros. So distros would have to ship mtrack by default and would have to ship a sensible config and someone would most probably need to write a runtime config because tinkering with xorg.conf and seeing changes only on X restart is not ideal :) I'm not aware if this all would be possible with synaptics though, which is in most cases shipped as default and has quite some extensive runtime config. But I agree that we could/should spend some time playing with the default touchpad config we ship and perhaps offer better usage of the advanced features that are available today.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2015 on 3-finger-drag on Linux at Marty's typepad
Spending some time in OS X, one cat get quite used to that 3-finger-drag, which makes selecting and dragging anything soo much easier - just put three fingers on the touchpad and you're in the drag gesture already. I have quite missed this on Linux, but with the mtrack touchpad driver, it is now possible to have. The original code for mtrack is on GitHub, but it has been recently forked by p2rkw and this fork comes with many new features added, one of them is 3-fingers-drag. If you haven't heard of mtrack yet, it's an alternative to synaptics driver,... Continue reading
Posted Aug 26, 2015 at Marty's typepad
Ok, thanks a lot, pushed all the things except the "sm_open_session", which I don't understand enough to make a qualified decision about.
Damn good job, thanks a lot! If you'll send me your email address to mklapetek at I'll push the remaining changes with your name.
Thanks; I've pushed the env var changes to both kwallet and kwallet-pam as well as the socket name prefix. I'm afraid I don't know too much about kwallet internals though, so I cannot comment on why the wallet wouldn't open. I'll try to send the kwallet guys here.
The location of kdewallet.salt is actually a composed path, which you can set using the kdehome= PAM param. It defaults to ~/.local but if you or your distro use ~/.local/share as $XDG_DATA_HOME, you should set the PAM config as such, eg. auth optional kdehome=.local/share then it will look in ~/.local/share/kwalletd. As for the PAM_KWALLET_LOGIN, I'll have a look (I admit I haven't tested the kwallet4 much).
I've just pushed a patch to KWallet5 allowing you to have your wallet unlocked automagically during login. This patch was originally done by Alex Fiestas for KWallet4, so all credits and free beers go to him; I've merely just forward-ported it. You'll also require kde:kwallet-pam repo and pass "-DKWALLET5=1" to cmake. This will generate which then can be coinstalled with the same module for KWallet4 (plus it also enables some ifdef'd code inside the module). If you're still using some KDE4/Qt4 software which is using KWallet4, you will require both modules present. How to set up kwallet-pam can be... Continue reading
Posted Jul 27, 2015 at Marty's typepad
Yes. The only thing not compatible are the applets, which is why this one exists.
Toggle Commented May 25, 2015 on Plasma 5 with KDE Telepathy 0.9 at Marty's typepad
"After April 30th, 2015 apps will no longer be able to access the service or API. This includes both access to and the xmpp_login permission." ...that is all I can say to that :)
15.04. Kubuntu 15.04, ironically, ships only the 0.9.0 as it was not released in time to be included in new Kubuntu.
Right, you can actually get a numeric id _if_ you know the userid (that's what all the services are about) which you'd have to input manually for every single of your Facebook friends. Technically that /could/ work, indeed, but very inconvenient. Other thing would be knowing their chat presence (eg. if they are online or not). ...actually, scratch all that. The Messaging API does _not_ allow sending messages. So...bummer.
@Jacob - I'm not sure what you're replying to, but if it is about the missing contacts - I'm not sure if Facebook lets you search for contacts through the API. And you kinda cannot just guess the user id (it's a loooong number). Plus this would be local only and things like that tend to be very...fragile.
@A_marschke - yes, you can. If you know your friend's id, which you won't because as I mentioned in the text, Facebook won't return all of your contacts :) It could be sort of harvested from user feeds and recent messages and other stuff but this would still give you probably about 75% of all the contacts at best.
@Sudhir - not for the upcoming release, but yes, it's something that should happen. I did raise the issue of naming many times (at least 4 afair), but it always was met with either people not caring or people claiming naming is not important, so I gave up, really... @Buchar - thanks!
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2015 on Plasma 5 with KDE Telepathy 0.9 at Marty's typepad
@Jacob - the problem with that is that it's something that most if not all distros will be quite unwilling to ship as it will not be exactly legal (though I may be wrong). Personally I don't think there will be much of a demand (among real hackers) to do this, but by all means! @Mikel - yes, I mention all that in the post :) Also, replied to you on the mailing list (not going to copy it here).
While every effort in KDE Telepathy went to the Qt5/KDE Frameworks 5 porting and KAccounts migration, there are still distros/users that have KDE Telepathy 0.9 (the kde4 one) running in Plasma 5 session. All the applications of KDE Telepathy work just fine, the only problem are the Plasma applets, those are totally incompatible. So for those cases I've created a small Plasma 5 applet which works with KDE Telepathy 0.9. It can bring your accounts online or offline or open the contact list and accounts settings, just as you're used to and the only dependency is TelepathyQt5. However because of... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2015 at Marty's typepad
As you may or may not have heard, Facebook is deprecating the XMPP gateway for its Chat service by the end of April. That effectively means that no 3rd party applications will be able to send messages to your Facebook contacts. At least not officially. Why oh whyyy? Probably money. Facebook needs to generate some income in order to stay alive. They do that (not only) by selling ads of all kinds. I'd argue that Chat is one of the most used Facebook features and so Facebook is loosing tons of $s if people don't use their own ad-powered products.... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2015 at Marty's typepad
@Craig - yes, creating new AIM account is currently not supported in the beta, it misses some config files and it cannot be added because of how late in the development cycle we are. I'll try to figure out a way around this. AIM itself is however still supported by KDE Telepathy. @Reinhard - I strongly suggest sending a mail to [email protected] (subscribe first). Thanks.
Unfortunately no and there will not be (well at least not by me). All focus is now on KF5 version.
Not directly, no. KAccounts is still however storing passwords with KWallet if you have signon-plugin-kwallet installed.
@Sudhir Khanger - There is a connection manager written, but I don't use Telegram myself and really have no clue what's it's status. It's in KDE's git called telepathy-morse if you're interested. @Marko Kivinen - You do have things a bit mixed up, I suggest to read ...and no, Canonical does not own KDE and in fact, does not even officially sponsor any of it. @spartan - As the blogpost says, bugs should go to That said, you're missing signon-plugin-oauth2 package.
In the past couple months I've been busy porting KDE Telepathy project over to Qt5 and KDE Frameworks 5. I'm happy to announce that the ports have been completed and after about a month of testing, KDE Telepathy was moved to join the KDE Application releases with the nearest release being the 15.04 one. This should ensure more regular releases with new version every 4 months. KDE Telepathy stayed moreless the same in the UIs, but lots of things have changed under the hood. First of all KDE Telepathy will now adopt the KDE Applications versioning scheme, meaning that the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 6, 2015 at Marty's typepad