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I strongly disagree with your final conclusions. I do not believe the events described count as a single action but as many different actions each of which should be evaluated separately. If a person must kill another to save themselves, I see it as acceptable regardless of why they need to do so. If they arranged for that situation to happen, then they are responsible for the consequences. This responsibility is a separate issue. Convincing or forcing a person to do something that is likely to cause them harm (or kill them) is itself impermissible, so there is no need to make the final self-defense impermissible as the "difficult" situations you bring up at the end suggest. Basically, Able's responsibility for killing Baker is not affected by whether or not Able is the one to pull the trigger. He'd be equally guilty if he'd arranged for it to be someone else that Baker tried (and failed) to kill. Likewise, the victim in Falling Man 2 and 3 is allowed to kill to defend himself (I consider demanding suicide to be a moral taboo as it creates the idea that it is possible for a person to deserve to die). However, he is responsible for creating the circumstance in the first place, and thus already guilty of attempted or successful murder (depending on whether or not the man dies).
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Apr 15, 2011