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Is the Pope bringing money to the poor an unemployed, the subjugated and imprisoned Cameroonians in Cameroon? If so then he is welcomed. If he is not coming with any of the above, then he should not be welcomed. Cameroonians are poor and unemployed, yet the church and Biya want to spend tax payers money in sponsoring the pope's visit to Cameroon!!!! The papacy has more than enough to sponsor the pope. Let him sponsor his visits and the christians will offer whatever they can when he visits as appreciation. Apart from that visiting a sick and hungry person and asking him for FOOD makes no sense. Danny Boy, I don't sincerely think "The Bible" is the problem. Instead the "Word of God" is a channel through which Africans can stop witch-hunting, and various ills plaguing the continent. It is unfortunate the Church and some so called men of God are using the bible for their own interest. But that is what the devil does. Shalom Klemenceau
Who are the positive thinkers, Muna et al? Ben Muna is a cunning fox. He is looking for position in the Biya's government but he won't get it. He showed who he is and was sacked by the UN. He then came to take over the SDF from Fru Ndi through dubious means. The SDF is growing from stronger after the bad eggs like Muna and co have gone. Shalom Klemenceau
This is a typical case against a Southern Cameroonian. The case is like Roland was engaged in a monologue. These CPDM and French puppets are really stupid. The others who spoke along with him are francophones so they are more “human” than Roland. Poor boy managing to make ends meet. Don’t worry, justice shall prevail What they are doing to (Southern Cameroonians) Anglophones is helping to proof the SCNC, SCAPO and etc case. They are helping to sensitize the Anglophone population and giving us more reasons why we need to separate. They are all the devil's ambassadors. Shalom Klemenceau
read....Cross a bridge into a river..
What will they do if they are not given lucrative positions at the APF? I guess move to the CPDM! And if no "lucratvie" position with the CPDM??? Frustration and high blood, I guess. These are examples of those who fight not for the people but for their stomach. You guys will continue to cross the carpet and finally cross a bridge in a river. Shame!!!! I respect those who lost their positions in the SDF but still stayed strong with the party. SDF!!! GO GO Go. Shalom Klemenceau
ftroit You have never said anything good about Fru Ndi and the SDF. You were among those who stood behind late Ngwasiri and co here when they were causeing confusion in the SDF. I don't believe Fru Ndi is the only opposition leader to have stayed long as the leader of a party. Think of other cases like the ANC and Mandela and even other opposition parties in Cameroon. Why only Fru Ndi? You guys will never succeed from your bias against Fru Ndi and the SDF. You are doing this to Biya and his junta's advantage. You guys should join Muna and his AFP or whatsoever and allow the SDF alone. The SDF is the peoples party not for adventurers. Shalom Klemenceau
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"Fru Ndi has outlived his usefulness" yet the SDF under his leadership is still the number one opposition party in Cameroon? How strange this can be. Noise makers and people who only see but money in politics will continue to jump from one party to another as some former SDF just did. This human right guy has left uncounted human rights abuse in Cameroon to make a name about Fru Ndi. While human rights activists around the world go to the streets to protest human rights abuses, he (Afanyi) puts his little tale between his legs only to write on news paper columns asking Fru Ndi to resign. Biya's changing of the constitution among many others was a human righst abuse. How many protest marches did this Afanyi guy organise? Or Afanyi didn't see when innocent Cameroonians were killed by Biya's forces of lawlessness during the recent protest due to high prices, unemployment and etc? Why can those who think Fru Ndi has outlived his usefulness not form their own political party or join the SDF and genuinely challenge Fru Ndi in an election? Better still you can join the likes of Ben Muna in the AFP, apply your youthful ideas and chase Biya out of power. All those who keep on having sleepless nights because of Fru Ndi and the SDF are just gold diggers. They are those who will not think twice before joining the Biya gov't and the CPDM if they had the opportunity. The SDF under Fru Ndi's leadership is a force to reckon with in Cameroon politics and if Cameroonians were not so selfish and money-minded, they would have joint hands with Fru Ndi and the SDF to kick Biya and his gang member out of power before now. Shalom Klemenceau
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Pertinent question Fon. I read your posting and it downed on me too that there is some mix up there i.e. what science says and what the bible says. I will read carefully about the creation and see if I can get an answer to your question. Stay blessed Shalom Klemenceau
read instead....states that not everything... Also remember Jesus had......(not hand) brothers and he....
Radical Brother, Just want to let you know that people write whatever they want to write depending on whether they are for or against. I don't know when the quotations you said Jesus took from other religions were written. If I understand what you wrote, they were written long before Jesus was born. So Jesus Christ had to use them after learning them. You got it wrong my brother. You claim the bible doesn't talk about the life Jesus after twelve. But you must understand that the bible clearly states that no everything that Jesus did is recorded. Also remember Jesus hand brothers and he helped his foster father in his carpentry workshop. The bible records basically what Jesus did with regards to what he was sent by His father (God) to do. Apart from that Jesus grew up helping his parents like any other child. If atheists and other religions write against Christianity, it is but normal. They want people to follow their own believes and ideas. Apart from that, you guys have digressed from the main topic under discussion here. We should be arguing whether witchcraft and mermaid spirits do exist and whether God can talk to man through the help of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Massock made declarations about this and Danny Boy and others claimed such things don't exist and that's where the argument started. There is nothing in the Christian bible as the "Gospel of Thomas" or maybe my bible hasn't got that. Everyone would like to spread his believes and in so doing castigates those of others. Those in Amorc say Jesus was a member; others write that Jesus studied in Tibet, he went to India and so on. You guys amaze me. So to you Jesus was in all secret societies or cults in the world????? If that is the case, then you are talking of a different jesus not Jesus Christ the Son of God who gave His life to set You and Me free. May the Holy Spirit of God visit and open our eyes. This I pray in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God. Amen. Shalom Klemenceau
CountryFowl, "The Buddhas, The Christ, the Great prophets of antiquity only alluded to this great mystery with symbolic language and analogies, they never categorically claimed that they spoke with God or Gods et cetera et cetera as some of our modern day pseudo preachers, mystic institutions or some sects are doing today." First the bible tells me that Jesus Christ is the son of God and HE is God. There are many instances that He spoke to God. My only reference is the "Bible" the word of God. So from your statement above 。。。。。"The Buddhas, The Christ 。。。。。。。。" may be is not referring to Jesus Christ the son of God who gave His life so that You and Me may be saved. There are many religions and beliefs and each got its doctrines. Those who researched and wrote things for or against The Bible, might either have been Christians talking for the Bible or atheists/people of different religions writing against Christianity. So as a Christian, the word of God- Bible is Yes and Amen. I remember I wrote somewhere that acknowledging the fact that there are fake men of God and that if Pastor Masock is speaking from God then we should take it seriously. This argument I believe is because someone said such things as witchcraft, mermaid spirits etc do not exist. I came in just to point out in my own little way that the Bible testifies of the existence of such things and they do really exist. It is not a mystery. Pastor Mascock could be a true man of God, who hears from God or a fake one. The question is, do the things he mentioned exist or happen around us every day? My answer is yes. I don't know what yours is. Thanks and may God bless you my brother. Shalom Klemenceau
Hi Tayong, I have been following your argument with Danny Boy and CountryFowl. It is really a heated one. So far you have highlighted some pertinent points here but Danny Boy wouldn't understand you.-It is not strange for the bible clearly talks of this. There are lots of things in the Bible that only through the help of the Holy Spirit can we understand. Human reason sometimes can't help much and until you start accepting simple things then can you be helped to understand complex one's i.e. why a lot of things about God is like mystery. Danny Boy might ask you to explain the believe that God is one and at the same time made of three persons- God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit. This is hard to explain. You see, we easily believe stories of 6000years ago but can't believe that Jesus came and died for our sins just 2000+ years ago. Those who believe and worship God, the creator of heaven and earth are considered as lacking or having no sense of reasoning. But it goes beyond reason to believe and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. So Tayong, you have done your part, allow the rest for God. You plant but God waters. Many have argued and even persecuted God’s children but ended up being pastors. It has happened and it is still happening nowadays as it happened to Paul. God bless you all Shalom Klemenceau
I feel sorry for this poor guy. That is all about him. He will suffer in the hands of those devils. Talking about Biya being killed has been the wish of many Cameroonians. A president has become a demi-god. Roads are blocked for hours because Biya might pass through. Questioning why roads are blocked is no crime but as the devil and his agents always do, they have framed stories against this poor guy. How I wish this happened in a country in the west. At least he would have had a fair trial. But it is unfortunate this happened in Africa and especially Cameroon. Please let those human right activists stand strong for this guy. I also suggest we should contact some human rights groups we think can intervene in this matter. May God help Cameroon Shalom Klemenceau Those who claim witchcraft exist only in Africa or is practised only by blacks in Europe should open the lin above and get the news of how whites are turning to ancient witchcraft to look for water amidst drought. Shalom Klemenceau
Michaux knowing that something exist and believing in its power over you are two different things. I know these things exist but I never consult them neither do I believe in their powers over me. The point here is you guys want the post to stop posting such news items. I think what the post is doing is good because it helps to create awareness. Cameroonians and Africans should be made to know the work of the devil in these latter days. The devil is at work and we must not be ignorant. Michaux if I understood you well, you are insinuating that the witch doctors, visionaries etc in Europe and America are from Africa. If that's what you meant, I will say you got it all wrong. Watesih has given some examples to proof you wrong. In my opinion, the westerners don't do crude witchcraft the way Africans do. If Rev. Masock is speaking from God, then God has a purpose for revealing these things to him. Cameroonians need come out of the fangs of the devil and only through men of God ( I don’t mean fake men of God) can this happen. Shalom Klemenceau
Those pointing fingers at the man of God might not understand what they are saying or maybe they are ignorant. It is true his statements can not be verified but it doesn't mean that such things don't happen. There is witchcraft and superstition in Africa. Some of you have traveled to Europe and now want to pretend that such evils don't occur in Africa. A couple of months ago my wife and I were at a wedding party. While talking with some guys from the U.S., we discovered that witchcraft also exist in Europe and America. They told us mysterious things about their families and how they escaped to other cities because some members of their families died mysteriously. One of my students many years ago told the class about an illness she had suffered from for a long time. The doctors could not find the cause of the illness or the cure. Her aunty finally came to hospital and declared that the girl’s grandmother was angry. The said aunty did something in front of the doctors and the girl was instantly healed. I am talking of stories out of Africa. So you guys should better stop pretending or do some research if you are ignorant. Shalom Klemenceau
Hahaha, Cameroon on the move. I am sure Biya has Mortgaged Unity Palace. This Archbishop man and Biya might be birds of a feather. Jesus Christ we look on to you for help. Shalom Klemenceau
Fon I can't agree more with you more. As someone said above, Cameroonians have enough of what it takes to continue living. They get up in the morning and have breakfast, lunch in the afternoon and supper in the evening. They go to sleep with their eyes open watching as Biya continues to rape that beloved nation. (I think I should rather say we because I am one). We shall decide to uproot Biya and his gang members when have nothing to live on anymore. But I strongly believe God wants Biya to die a natural death and avoid some blood shed. That is why God has blessed us with enough food and some little money to meet up with some of our basic needs. The clock is still ticking and Biya will soon reach the "end of the tunnel". God bless Cameroonians of good will and even Biya and his disciples. Satan got a place for them if they don't repent. Shalom Klemenceau
It is sickening reading this news item. People go on retirement and earn millions while the rest are suffering?????????????? Those who deliberated on this an accepted will all account for their actions. They are "on the wrong side of history" God should help Cameroon Shalom
hahaha, I never knew Cameroonians were still hoping to get something from Biya. Hahaha, you guys don't know in Cameroon "Biya and his gang know that only those in his generation and circle can "save" Cameroon? "The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born" Let's keep on hoping for the messiah. God willing Shalom Klemenceau
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Merry Christmas to all Shalom Klemenceau