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kevin mccune
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Reminds me of the old 3.0 liter Ranger vs the 4.3 S-10 commercial-Kevin
AT,now you understand why the carmakers love steel bodies so much,strong,relatively light ,goes away on its own in a few years. Kevin
Don't think we will get a diesel-its not a conspiracy,its simple reality.The emission standards are too costly.Apparently the profit is not there-Kevin
lets see,something with 25mpg,composite body,strong simple v-6-whoops ,Dodge had this concept a few years back-Kevin
thanks Jordan,I hope so.can you imagine a 30+ mpg pickup with a large bed and adequate torque?-Kevin
BigBob,my experience with the sleeveless (parent metal bore) engine was positive.the 5.9 Cummins replaced it because it was lighter I was told,weight is an issue in medium trucks(more tare,less net).That "Ford" engine 474 cid would turn over 3000 rpm in overspeed mode,they seemed to be rather easy on fuel too.The early Cummins were rather noisy and believe me I've been around a good many of them also.Like to have a dollar for every 5.9 that was produced-Kevin
Quit fussing guys-the big 3 are giving you guys everything you want in spades(if you can afford it) now where is the 4-5 litre diesels for the smaller trucks?-Kevin
GRB,does this really exist?-Kevin
Keep on Ram,after my Dakota,I swore off.Your trucks are really starting to appeal to me again,I also like Titan-the other trucks are fine-but I simply dont think I can get the deal on a GM,FORD OR TOYOTA that I like,so it may be a coin toss between the Ram or Titan(maybe no contest if the 5.0 Cummins becomes avialible)-Kevin
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Apr 14, 2010