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I've always wondered how those courses work, Mike, but like you I had not anticipated foreign language as an issue. Nonetheless, the reading for the course sounds strong. As you have said, your goals are quite "flexible" but there does seem a connectivity as well, a necessity, I think, for a writing life together. It's always interesting stopping by your blog. Best to you in this round. Karen
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The reading list for the course is excellent! I have no doubt that it will enrich your writing and will fit in quite nicely with your goals. I know there is still that annoying stack of papers but I think it's great that you have added the course. Hope this is a great week for you. Karen
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2012 on ROW80-3 check-in 7/22 - new plan at Raven's View
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If you discover an editing method that takes only one pass, write a book about it, and your financial worries will be over! Editing is such a grind but the written word is best when tended by the conscientious pen. Good for you for recognizing the worth of having fluid ROW 80 goals, knowing that not all will be accomplished but that routine is paramount. I have no doubt that is why you are able to accomplish so much with your writing; also, you are generous with your time and comments on the ROW 80 Facebook page. That means a lot to a lot of people. Best to you in this round. Karen
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2012 on ROW80-3 check-in 7/18 - birthday boy at Raven's View
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