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My friend, I recall fondly that guy I knew ten years ago and the focus even then that you could show. I know how hard you worked, the sacrifices you made and what that did for your career and least from afar. In a way I'm more proud of this post and the last one though, it shows an understanding of the bigger picture, one that doesn't preclude a focus on building great things, that does however consider the price we all pay to do so. Well done sir. Miss yah buddy.
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I get that it’s a sensitive situation and profanity should not be taken lightly, most certainly not in such a public platform. But there was an opportunity here and i’m afraid that taking the safe route by firing the agency ( and they firing the employee ) you’ve negated a chance to show a human and or creative side to Chrysler that would have endeared you to your audience. People who buy your cars swear. Eminem swears. It may not be polite, it may have even been negative…but it was something we all can relate to. if nothing else there was passion there and passion can be worked with. Better solutions? So no one in Detroit can F’ing drive. So how about a series of driving workshops? Showcase the new cars, lets folks learn some fun driving techniques and have the errant tweeter be the one who has to pass a series of driving tests. Hell you could make this a tour across the country. Or how about a driving skills contest, run across a handful of states…winner gets to shoot paintballs at the person who wrote the FBomb Tweet. Not pushing violence, just assuming Chrysler would indeed like this person to pay a little. Continue the theme. Go big. Partner with EA to make some custom levels for Need for Speed, ones in Detroit and that you can only drive Chrysler cars on..publish it for free on the Xbox and PSN marketplaces and award the actual good drivers with something. Or be ridiculous. Hold a contest to punish the tweeter. Have the Chrysler Twitter audience suggest ways to make the person pay for the offensive tweet ( non-violent – creative ) and award the best suggestion with a new car and then punish the person in a grand ceremony. Wouldn’t any of these come out better than..hey we fired the agency…hands washed of the situation.
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Mar 10, 2011