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Matthew Knauff
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Good point
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2010 on More on Quarterbacks at
I think there is one major aspect not being looked at: Lower draft picks tend to go to better teams. Isn't it realistic to think that a qb drafted #1 to a bad team would have a higher success rate if that same player was drafted say 28th simply because that player would be on a better football team? Chris johnson of the titans maybe the best player in football, he went in the 3rd round. but he also went to, if not the best certainly top 5, offensive lines in football. does that not have to be considered? Maybe the real value of a pick lies in the team, not the round or the pick number. And maybe, the best GMs do not pick the best player, maybe they pick the best players that fit thier system. Do the raiders have a system? or do they simply pick what al Davis thinks is the best player? could this explain why they draft so badly? could this explain why some first round picks become all-pros and some become truck drivers? The value of a draft pick is not in the round or number, it is in the Gms ability to draft the player that best fits the system, that best allows the player abilites to be showcased.
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2010 on More on Quarterbacks at
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Jan 15, 2010