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Interests: "Reading" books on my iPod, while spinning or knitting. I am particularly interested in challenging myself to learn historically correct knitting techniques/styles, and in spinning all sorts of fibers, in different techniques. I've a nice stash of rare and endangered sheep breed wool.
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The bamboo version I saw had such fabulous stitch definition, sheen, drape and stayed on my shoulders well. It SO outshone my cobweb version I trust it will reinstill joy in knitting this instead of being the slog trying to compensate for stitches defying gravity and hopping up above the stitches I am interested in knitting.... I should be well acquainted with the center, first two charts and the first portion of the third chart by the time this project it done! LOL
Agreed! I haven't really used it for about a year, and it seems so much easier to me now than it did at that time. I like that it doesn't get crumped, chewed by puppy's who steal, damaged by my tea dribbles, etc. And I have multiple row counters, can highlight where I am, etc. This app is one which will keep me using my iPad over all other tablets!
It feels good to be back and to be thinking more consciously about a post than just a line or two in social media. Good to hear from you!
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Mar 15, 2010
Samson is huge, and he is an awesome goober dog! I love him to death! On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 6:07 AM, wrote:
I am wondering if the closeness of color value is part of what is making the stripes disappear.... I kind of like how subtle they are, and I suspect that from a distance they are more obvious.
I like No. 7, and personally think No. 9 is unreasonable for you to add to this list. When I want to know all the sorts of blues shades out there in the world, I always check your blog! happy New Year's, Terry. See you at SPA?
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Have you ever read any of Jasper Fforde's books? I like the mystery/thriller genre, so if that's your bag, let me know & I sort out my favorites I've gotten on
It's rather awesome that the first night of Chanukkah coincided with the winter solstice this year!
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