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I have ordered the handhelds for next year. I look forward to seeing if they can help. If you would like a copy of the template that I use, please email me directly. It will be easier to send it as an attachment, then to post on the web. Thank you for the positive comments. Alan Knobloch
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2007 on Walk-through Observations at LeaderTalk
Have any of the principals out there used the online survey tool on Balanced Leadership Profile from MCREL? Did the teachers find it relevant? Did you? I am looking for a tool to use with my faculty this year. Alan Knobloch
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2007 on Principal Evaluation at LeaderTalk
Our administrative team decided our strategy and therefore how to spend the money. We will purchase 36 sets of laptop carts with ten computers each. 6 sets of ten will go to each of the six schools (Elementary, Middle, and High on two campuses). We will purchase laptops for about 40% of our teachers. They will have to apply to receive one. 36 classrooms will get Smartboards. Again, teachers will need to apply and show how they will use it to affect student learning. We will purchase and mount as many LCD projectors as possible. We think we can use leftover money from this year's budget for about 80% of our classrooms. We have $70,000 to spend on professional development over the next year plus. In addition, we will have four full-time Technology Resource Facilitators (TRF), two per campus, to help teachers integrate technology into their curriculum and classrooms. Jeff Utecht, mentioned in the original post, will be one of our TRF's. Alan Knobloch
Gary, As an administrator, I have never had to let someone go because of a reduction in force, but I did go through it as a teacher. You do have to be positive. The principal at the school I was teaching at became despondent with the reduction in force. His attitude was contagious. Many of the teachers' attitude became negative and started going through the motions. We needed to hear that no matter what is happening outside the classroom, our students need our best. We will continue to provide our students the best possible educational program. They deserve nothing less. If your teacher is truly a Peyton Manning, he would not want their personal situation to effect the students. Talk with him about their morale. Enlist his help. If he remains positive, it will go a long way to keeping the rest of the teachers positive. Alan Knobloch