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Since the "Truth is in the File" (or it should be), I wonder if SharePoint 2010 actually ingests embedded metadata (Exif, XMP, PDF, ID3, COM/OOXML fields etc.) when a file is checked in. Any takers on this question?
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Scott, great post. But you describe a profession that is long established: PRODUCT MANAGEMENT! In this discipline, you have "outbound" and "inbound" guys. "Inbound PMs" sit together with the engineers and leverage the technology. They know the customer and the market inside out, and they are the ones that can help form a product the customer wants. "Outbound PMs" are the folks that are interfacing with MarCom and formulate the message that goes to the targeted audience. There are a number of certifications for PMs out there, by different organisations (AIPMM, Pragmatic Marketing, Blackblot etc.).
Two things spring to my mind here: (1) PDF and XPS aren't really "Image Formats". They are widely used in ECM imaging, but they are still document formats.... (2) Interesting to see that the section on XPS is longer than the one about PDF. But without decent metadata support (i.e., XMP), XPS is currently a bit of a lame duck, IMHO. Hans Fremuth "Know Your Files"
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2010 on Image File Formats at AIIM Standards Watch
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Jan 22, 2010