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Dave Knox
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Jim - This is a great point and one I've been debating over on our side as well. When Twitter revealed that 75% of their traffic, it really him home for me. After all, when Twitter redesigned their home page, I remember not even seeing the resdesign for probably 2 months after it went live since I always just use Tweetdeck. Now with that said, I do think design matters more than ever when it comes to creating content sites. No matter how many people we pull into the funnel to experience content through the stream, many people first experience our content through search. When they first open the door to the experience we created, design will have a major impact on them coming back again. And if anything, the proliferation of new devices makes design even more important because its not just about a good experience in a web browser but also a good experience on a smartphone, iPad, etc. Its a great discussion and one we will constantly have to remind ourselves about
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Apr 24, 2010