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Good post! I'll remember the corn wheels, that was a good idea. A tip from the other side of the globe (60°15′N, 10°39′E): Dinner leftovers are popular protein sources for my schoolboy.
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"Life can be rich without riches. And it can be full without a cupboard overflowing with toys or a drawer stuffed with computer games." It really can. To quote Jesper Juul (look him up, he's a pretty smart Danish guy): "Children don't need toys. They need something to play with."
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I've been keeping an eye on your blog for a few weeks now, and like a lot of what I see. Y'know, I think it's not only possible, but essential, that we find ways to live a fairly simple and sustainable life whilst working a reasonable amount of hours every week. (I'm hesitating to say "full time" as "full time" varies so much from country to country.) Where I live (Scandinavia), "simple living" seems to be a label largely attached to an affluent elite who can afford to sell their fancy-schmanzy urban dwelling and buy a project in the countryside, creating amazingly stylish, largely white-painted homes in gardens to die for. This trend makes sustainable, fairly simple living seem unattainable for the people who have too low-paid jobs to *need* to incomes to get by in their day-to-day lives. Gotta go to tend to some child-sized matters, but i hope you understand what I mean. How are you doing with the juggling?
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Yet another rule-bender checking in. This post made me smile a lot, thinking of the ring binder my father and his girlfriend gave to all their offspring some Yules ago. It's titled "The Food You got at Home", and has all the recipes we've phoned home to get after moving away in a familiar hodgepodge of their characteristic handwriting, her illustrations and photocopies of magazine cuttings from the early nineties. How lucky we are to have family traditions.
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Oh, what a lovely, inspiring quilt. As a teacher with a passion for teaching youth the inherent value of working together, your quilt made me both think and smile. Thanks for sharing. (On a sidenote: Having handled vast amounts of wool during a few years as a saddler's assistant, I can almost feel that wool under my fingers. It looks so light and bouncy.)
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Fotspor i bloggen er alltid hyggelig, det er sant. Jeg er imponert over alt garn-basert håndarbeid, jeg, uansett hvor lang tid det tar.
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Ah, bless. That photo made my morning much better. It's been lying in the back of my mind all through the working day giving me warm thought of wintery clothes and ... South Africa. South Africa? Yep. I have an enamel mug, too, and decided to write a post about it.
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