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Because mommy and Mr. Potato Head do not share the same hat size, so Mr. Potato Head's hat keeps falling off mommy's head. Trust me, sweetie, I've tried hitting my head on the wall enough to shrink it...
We can't stop you from knocking over everything at belly-height, but we can help you deal with everything else.
I'd like a set of sheets without holes. Every time I get a little money for new sheets something else pops up, and I'm sick with the old ones. And, since its a wish, I want good, soft sheets.
Team Sydney!
My daughter, Isis, has a very eclectic taste in clothes- she has everything from a pair of camouflage pants to a sari. She enjoys going out to garage sales and finding things that I get for her for dress-up, but they somehow make it into her everyday wardrobe. The only constant is the white Winnie the Pooh blanket that she likes to carry around, and some fabulous headgear. She had about a dozen headbands, from the sparkly to the flowery to the feather-topped, and lots of different brightly-colored or sparkly clips, and half a dozen hats. My girl is fabulous, even if her clothes don't quite match.
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2012 on Mazzy's Mini-Me (Giveaway) at Mommy Shorts
Kadence- with that Starbucks straw (or the look alike) she should be the Evil Boss, and get Mommy and Daddy to follow around with PDAs, extra coffees, several phones, and, of course, the candy bag (which she should snap when she needs).
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Oct 20, 2012