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Daniel Koeker
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I'll add in my vote of support for Lulu. They've always been pretty good to me. Anyway, some of my experiences; if you find that your stuff isn't selling, it isn't necessarily because your work is bad. Everyone and their mother can self-publish something these days, so you've got a ton of competition. If someone hasn't bought your book, odds are they just haven't heard of you. That is the hard part. But it can be helped. Make yourself a page on Facebook and G+ and hit the social networks. More importantly, build a relationship with potential readers. Don't just say, 'Here it is, read it.' Offer them something. Communicate with them, engage (I know, I know) with them. Don't be a faceless author. I've also found that you get more attention when you have more than one book published. Some people like to see that you have a variety of material out, and some will be hesitant about buying from an author with just one book. Of course this is easier to say than do, but keep working at it. Most importantly... just don't give up. Persistence is key and it can yield some good results. Remember that you're a grain of sand on a beach when you first start out and getting attention is the hardest part, but if you put out a good product (for the sake of brevity I'm ignoring the pre-publishing stuff already covered above) and keep pushing it, you'll get some attention. Look for reviewers, get yourself a site, communicate and ask for help. It's not exactly difficult, just time-consuming. And I think I'll finally get around to grabbing your books, Mr. Wheaton. :P
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Jan 27, 2012