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@ chano129 Maybe the VC-T is a better match with the lighter, less draggy Altima, than the CUV. I'll check out some reviews of the Altima with the engine. CR hasn't tested it yet.
To know the fuel economy of this vehicle, we will need to wait and see, both for the EPA numbers, and the generally more useful Consumer Reports numbers which tend to be lower, and closer to real world mileage. As far as the Nissan variable displacement complexity-for-complexity's sake engine, it is completely underwhelming, both in EPA and CR fuel efficiency. It beat the bigger, similar performance Lexus RX by 2 mpg combined in the EPA tests, and the two are tied in CR's overall mileage. Also, the plain, old V6 in the Lexus uses regular gas, while complexity for fun Infiniti is supposed to have premium.
gryf I still think Toyota has the best hybrid system. I drove an Accord hybrid before buying a Camry hybrid, and while the current Accord matches the Camry in mpg, and I think is slightly quicker, you feel too much stuff going on, as you describe. With the Toyota system, there are no clutches or gear change, just electrical controls seamlessly using the two MGs and the engine to make the car go, while getting fantastic mpg. It will be interesting to see how this Infiniti does, but I will be very surprised if the highway gas mileage is any better, if as good as a similar size and performance non-hybrid. It will also be interesting to learn how, uh, "serene" the gas generator is as it starts and stops. They will need really good isolation to make it "serene" at lower speed, where there's little other sound.
mahonj, It will get lousy gas mileage on the highway, combining the inefficiency of a motor, a generator, and the charge/discharge inefficiency of the batteries. There is a reason no one makes series hybrids, except Nissan, and no one sells them in the US. The Note E-Power hasn't been sold in the US, and won't be, because the highway mpg would be dismal compared to Prius, Ioniq, and the newer Honda hybrids. The Volt was originally conceived as strictly series operation, but the highway mileage was really bad when running on gas, so they came up with a clutch system to connect the gas engine to the wheels at highway speed.
It will drive like an EV, a good thing, but will get lousy gas mileage, especially on the highway. Is that what people want? I guess we will find out.
It will be a gas hog compared to a parallel hybrid, and even compared to some non-hybrids, when driven at highway speed. Combining the inefficiency of a generator, a motor, and the electronics results in much more power loss than a gear drive train. Yeah, in dense traffic, it might do pretty well. I'm still looking for real world fuel economy info, but it's hard to find.
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May 21, 2018