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What a great word! I just want to inform everyone that Turknology is both a geographical reality but also a state of a mind that can and will be deployed anywhere, anytime and by any nationality. But some are obviously much better at it than others. And it´s not just limited to the physical analog world of home repairs or school constructions. After working for a year at a turkish web agency, I saw plenty of high grade turknology applied to most of the work that was being done at the company. Particulary when it came to long term project management and dealing with silly client demands (functionality and others). There is a certain artistic quality to the best turknology solutions. Thank you carpetblogger for bringing this up!
Toggle Commented May 20, 2014 on Ask Carpetblog: What is Turknology? at Carpetblogger
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Nov 5, 2012