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Once again, it shows that the solution is a combination of companies to supply what you need for the money involved. No one provider is going to work at this point, you need to pick and choose what makes sense from their individual plans. Personally, I like Netflix for disc and TV show streaming and Amazon VOD through the Roku for new releases. Their weekend specials always have decent new releases for $2 or $3.
There is a difference between a "killer" and competition. This in no way would put Netflix out of business, it's simply a supplemental service that can be used to get newer releases quicker. I think at this point people are using multiple services to fulfill their needs, i.e. Netflix + Amazon, Netflix +VOD, etc. They can co-exist without putting each other out of business.
I'm shocked Roku is only 5% and computer is so high.
@gir thanks for the clarification!
@Heather La Salle I don't think the # of DVDs in your plan has anything to do with how many devices you can stream to. I have the 4 DVD out plan w/IW and can currently stream to 8 different devices.
I think people are underestimating the general public's laziness. RedBox is a nice idea, but the convenience factor is terrible. Amazon Prime is $80 and their video selection might be worse than Netflix's, Hulu+ is a ripoff and Blockbuster won't even exist in a couple years. I think I'll stick with Netflix and simply be more realistic about how many DVDs I really need a month. Good luck to the rest of you, hope managing 3 or 4 services at once works out price and convenience-wise. And Johnson1865Tony - you need to use a new username, no one pays attention to your posts/trolls anymore.
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Jul 14, 2011