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David Kostyla
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I see Dallas' point. ARod is a veteran, a great player, and extremely cocky. I really think it was a little childish of ARod to do this in the first place, then his hand and facial gestures before he left the field that inning - with regards to Dallas' comments to him. And don't tell me that ARod was "unaware" of this. He lied about his steroid use... what makes you think he'd be truthful about this?? On the flip side, Dallas showed off a hell of a lot of guts in making a point to ARod about something called "Respect". Yes, maybe they're making this into something larger than it is... but it all comes down to one thing : Sportsmanship. And, I think ARod needs a lesson in it.
Toggle Commented May 7, 2010 on Unintentional Hilarity, Thy Name Is Dallas at YFSF
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May 7, 2010