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By Manda Kowalczyk, Preservation Technician This is the third in a series of three posts addressing the anthrax bioterrorism attacks that took place in October 2001. Click for parts one and two. In October 2001, the National Postal Museum began collecting objects from the Church Street Post Office in New York City, which serviced The World Trade Center. The large items we collected, including a sorting unit, were wrapped up, palletized and delivered to NPM by a fine arts handler. However, small objects, including two satchels and a mail sack, were put inside a box (shown below) and mailed to... Continue reading
Posted Oct 14, 2011 at National Postal Museum
Last week the Preservation Department, Collections and Exhibits Department came together and lent a helping hand to help de-install the temporary exhibit "Delivering Hope: FDR & Stamps of the Great Depression". We removed over 150 artifacts from 35 wall frames, 4 floor cases and 6 rarities panels including two portrait paintings. As a Preservation Technician, preparing, maintaining, installing and removing exhibited objects is my main responsibility at the National Postal Museum. And I love it! My job is a nice mix of hard labor (lifting frames that weigh about 35 pounds is a good work out) and analytical thinking as... Continue reading
Posted Jun 18, 2010 at National Postal Museum
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Jun 10, 2010