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"virtually every county's government is trying to promote entrepreneurship, create a mini-Silicon Valley, "become an IT island," become a hub for innovation" What I instantly thought of is, how does Section 1706, which destroys the viability of budding tech firms fit into this? It doesn't. Countries, states and cities all SAY they want to encourage entrepreneurship, but what this always comes down to is they want to attract well established large companies to land a mothership in their jurisdiction and plant a bunch of jobs that don't require many skills. I see throughout the US states "vying for jobs" which always means large car factories, power plants, and other such institutionalized jobs, while doing everything they can to clamp down on and drive away real entrepreneurship, which always starts at the level of the one or two man operation. If you squash the new 1 man firms, you don't have the new 2 man firms, 5 man firms, or 10 and 100 man firms that grow from that. You just have established behemoths instead that are devoid of innovation and which always form an unholy alliance with the powers that be in government.
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Feb 26, 2010