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by link are you referring to the Spurs v. Trash game? If so I am watching it on FSC. Anyone have a link for the web watchers?
Pretty good summation. Now let's watch more football.
WOW, what kind of a crap PK was that?!?! that was weak!
Yeah, OK - but only if it's CHEAP PLASTICS!!! :)
Or take DCJosh's cue and change topics. Let's enjoy Spurs v. Trash (yes they took out my United - at Old Trafford nonetheless, but Trash on a gold platter for a minute or a year is still just that - TRASH!!!)
When the ratio of ridiculous posts starts to zip past even-headed and reasonable insight, analysis and discussion (at a geometric rate) it is the time to exit stage right.
Arteta seems to have drifted (in what appears to be natural for him) into the middle. perhaps there is a way to have him and Donovan on the field at the same time.
Donovan doesn't work hard to get into the game? Seriously? When Neville froze him out of the game, Donovan made the moves to get back into the game. Moyes saw this. Why do you think it's Billy who got subbed off at the half? I seriously wonder if I am watching the same game.
Josh, not so sure Donovan really had a bad game. He played his position well, Neville handcuffed him for most of the game. Was Neville intentionally sabotaging a teammate? I don't think so. I think it's a combination of things - familiarity and style. Neville always went with what was familiar and comfortable, which was not Donovan - give it time. The real thing I saw was a huge difference in style. Neville wanted Donovan to make the typical Prem run up and down the wing all night, but Donovan wanted to play smarter and more efficiently. Once again an issue that will be resolved with time. I think Donovan did quite well considering it's game 3 with the team. As far as Arteta winning his spot bakc, dude let's give him a few more minutes before we even declare him fully fit.
Donovan off for Arteta.
See what happens when they play their game? Play the wings and stretch the D. Nice team goal!!!
Neville is just trying to force the game. Yes, he's looked past Donovan a few plays, but he's just trying to force the game. Smart? Heck no. Everton are reacting to the early and late goals and are playing into Birmingham's game right now. Moyes needs to talk to them at the half and help them play their football instead of that reactionary crap they are doing out there just now. For those who are quick to berate Donovan (especially those who are regurgitating what the commentators are saying) I pray you learn to watch the game. Neville is not working with Donovan and everyone seems intent on playing through the left wing, but Billy had a rather poor half - so everyone is trying to force it right up the middle, which if anyone has been watching Birmingham lately knows how futile an effor that is. Everton needs to play the wings in the second half. I do like how Donovan chased the game, knowing that Neville was holding him hostage on the right. But I guess the naysayers won't see that until a commentator mentions it. Sheesh.
Yeah you're right, evil was the wrong word. I should have gone with scum. But you have to admit that the way they treated Hughes, they are well on their way to becoming evil scum.
No biggie. I was out of line myself. Apologies. Cheers.
Could very well be that I don't understand the arc of a keeper's career but I do know that they get better with age and play longer than any other position. Guzan is like what, all of 22 maybe? I think he's doing just fine. Plus I've seen many a vet botch a set play, so completely eliminating Guzan from the roster for this botched play may be going a tad too far IMO. He seemed to do quite fine against Egypt.
With all that extra time on their hands maybe they can do stuff like hit the gym and work on their some initiative in the profession they chose.
Great points. Comparing MLS sides to any level of European soccer is an apples to oranges arugument. They are two completely different animals, and things like the cap make sure of that. So while comparing the two makes for great blog use and a way to pass the time, it's an exercise in futility. Leeds-Man United is as heated a rivalry as you can get. Plus it was a Cup match. I think Leeds was definitely up for it and Man United failed (as a fan that burns me to no end). But at the end of the day it's a cup match and to validate the strength of Leeds on this one off kind'a invalidates your argument about the quality of Leeds United football, and the Championship, or Leagues 1 and 2. It's like making an arguement to validate the quality of MLS vs. FMF because of an upset in the CCL or InterLiga. It's a one-off, and while that generates the allure for these types of games it doesn't say much about how they would do in league play. There is a reason why Man United are as successful as they are - going for their 4th straight league title and Leeds are where they are. The tables does not lie. In the Prem I am not so sure this Leeds side would do so well. So Leeds did what they had to do, on our ground nonetheless, and my hat goes off to them, on the day. But they are no where near the quality of Manchester United or any of the top Prem teams.
Well played (somewhat).
Point well taken (your personal "insults' notwithstanding). You are well within reason to question the omission of the error and ask for a full report. It's just that your post came off as negative to me. My mistake, as I grow tire of the negative and careless comments on the boards and blogs that constantly berate our guys and thier efforts, even as they fight against odds that few of us recognize or are familiar with. It's tough to be an American football professional in the world. So I may have projected. Like I said, I wasn't having a go. Just an attempt to state a different opinion...respectfully, if I dare to add.
Yeah that's what I thought. I knew I couldn't have missed me Reds taking on the evil Blue side.
Guzan is good and will evnetually be great, but he is still clearly our No. 2.
Big ups to El Guzano. I still remember when he was being abused 5-0 in his rookie year with the Goats. Ronnie O'Brien loved hitting the big, long distance bombs on the kid. Talk about being thrown into the fire, but the kid toughed it out (or that abuse toughened him up) and he is every bit class for it. Dude has massive potential, he just needs to keep doing the business, keep getting better.
Is it that necessary to poo-poo all over a guy's efforts? In 90 min, the dude stops a potential game tying penalty, makes huge saves and helps his team fight for the W but that's never enough around here. Dude I'm not having a go at you, heck I don't even know you. But it seems every time Ives or one of his writers tries to give our boys overseas some love there's always a sting of posts that do nothing more than exaggerate the negative or the mistakes. It's like our guys have to be what no soccer player in the world is - flawless (yeah even Rooney makes bad back passes). I know Guzan may not be as perfect as you in every way possible, so please give him a break on this one, as he is, afterall, mortal.
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Dec 31, 2009