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As annoying as it is, players have the right to snub national team call-ups. Coaches should NEVER, EVER snub players out of spite if they think the player can contribute. If Klinsmann truly believes we don't need Chandler then I have to respect that decision. What I personally think is that Klinsmann is a moody b***h, and he's flushing these qualifying matches down the toilet because of it. No wonder the country is swiftly getting tired of his antics and seemingly mindless tactics.
If that was intentional it was super, super weak, making Henry a puss for doing it and Kamara a whiny little baby for crying about it. Worst case scenario is that both of them are, at best, weak pusses. Where can we lay down a bet on Henry playing on Saturday? Obviously I want him to play but my gut tells me his turf allergy will be acting up again.
Assuming Marquez gets "hurt" again and is done for the season, he'll have been paid approximately $7,500 per minute this year. I'd double his salary just to make him go away.
For being 100% correct? "Anyone who knows anything about the game...." If the shoe fits.
Obviously Brandi is entitled to her own opinions. But she's TERRIBLE in the booth, in every possible way.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. tHIS IS GREAT. Easiest prediction ever: The U.S. national team will NEVER have any type of noteworthy success if Alan "I'm a huge piece of garbage who sucks at life" Gordon is part of the team. The end.
This guy gets $6.5 million per year to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. What a scumbag. He has no sense of loyalty to his employers whatsoever. Commitments to the Olympics? HE'S COMMITTED TO EARN HIS $6.5 MILLION and has CONSTANTLY abandoned his team voluntarily to fly to Europe for completely unnecessary events! The Beckham apologists know no bounds. I know because I used to be one. I'm glad I'm not blind to it anymore. He loves no one more than he loves himself and could not care less about his teammates or MLS.
I love this move for opening up the international roster slot. But man...I don't take anything for granted here, but let's just say RBNY and San Jose meet at MLS cup. Would anyone be surprised if Ballouchy won it for SJ in extra time? (KNOCK ON WOOD)
This is clearly an addition designed to please the homers. There are plenty of guys out there who could have been added before him. I'm not saying he sucks, this is not worm-hatred on my part. But it's not a move that adds to the chances of MLS winning, it's a move made to make people clap more, which obviously they will do, so good for the home fans who will get to see him.
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2012 on Farfan added to MLS All-Star team at Soccer By Ives
Did RBNY hire the Mets' old medical staff or something? This is unreal. It would be fantastic to see what a healthy team looks like again.
Trolls be trollin'
He should have to re-enact this whole temper tantrum in 5-year-old fashion but without his teammates to protect him from getting his scrawny, whiny little butt kicked from here to the moon. The end.
Don't take this as trolling, but this one goal was better than the Ibra one you're referring to, and better than Balotelli's as well. Sure Ianni is nothing compared to either player but this goal tops both of theirs, amazing strike.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2012 on Must-See Goal: Patrick Ianni at Soccer By Ives
Before someone tries to murder me, I did NOT expect Ryan Meara to make the squad. I am surprised that he didn't even make the top 5 though. Seems kind of ridiculous. He's been almost flawless. Maybe he's let up 2 goals that were his own fault all season so far. And while I'm at it, blah blah blah fans reward names and not the quality players. Brek Shea is a joke this year, and while I'm actually going to give Becksycakes some credit for playing well he skips games whenver the hell he wants and isn't even top 10 in terms of best midfielders. Thanks fans! FREDDY ADU FTW!
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2012 on Who makes your MLS All-Star team? at Soccer By Ives
Fantastic, plenty of time for Henry to count his money and then help Rafa learn how to count his. Yay.
This was a long time coming for Magee. He's a dirty player and the biggest crybaby in MLS not named Beckham. He treats all opponents and refs alike like they are pure garbage. A true butthole.
It's disappointing that anyone, anywhere outside of Mexico would devote an entire article to this piece of garbage. His club pays him his ridiculous millions of dollars but we all know he doesn't care about that because he proves it again and again during every single match. Like I said, he is the personification of garbage. But yet somehow I still have to read this drivel about him. And that's not a dig at Dave who is stellar at his job. It's a dig at Marquez because he's such a b-hole that anything written about him is drivel.
TFC won a match? How adorable. I'm sure that trophy will make everything better despite them being the laughingstock of a league that is already a laughingstock to many.
If the MLS teams don't win by at least a combined margin of 7 goals I'll be sad.
It's a shame that this kid can play so well and get almost no recognition because of the horrible defenders playing in front of him.
He has not been struggling, Backe is just a moron. Here is a guy who thinks Holgersson is playing well (reminder: Holgersson has given up more goals this year than Cooper has scored for the team) and benches the best player on the team for two seasons running for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It's that simple, there is no need for further discussion or argument. Backe is a complete fool.
You're a bone racist, why is a leg worse than a clavicle? Do you want clavicles to sit in the back of the bus too? I'm appalled.
Preach on brother.
Is it too much for me to hope he gets kicked out of the league so RBNY can use that $5mil to build a defense that doesn't include Holgersson and Miller?
This is not a mystery. Holgersson is personally responsible for half of those goals. Replace him with someone who isn't the worst defender of all time, and the defense is fine. This type of thing drives me insane. It's blatantly obvious to anyone with half a brain but Backe will keep trotting Holgersson out there and pretending it's some kind of impossible puzzle to solve. RBNY defense-Holgersson=a pretty good defense. How do these guys get paid to do their jobs so badly?