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@Mahilena Both Political Parties are in the pockets of Corporate America. Thinking that Democrats have the answers is just a vote for "Progressive-ism". A simple search on the internet will show you what that is all about = Neo-Socialism. Sorry I do not what a world of shared poverty & pseudo Marxist ideas. The current mess is a combination of deregulation from both the Clinton Administration & the Bush Administrations. To try to summarize the entire Tea Party movement as an extension of "Rand-ism" is a false one. Your anger at the Tea Party is though well intentioned is misguided. The real political battle going on right now is the battle of the free individual & free society vs the current Corporatacracy where the current government is largely influenced by corporate interests. They own the media & the politicians so pretty much anything that does not serve their profitability will not hear heard about or addressed. Virtually the last place on earth where you can get true data & real stories is the internet but even that is a job sifting through the various viewpoints. While disagree with the atheist aspect of Rand's work much of her writings had to do with the individual rising above the MOB or the Collective Subconscious which tries to strike down anyone who would rise above it. It is not that the individual is all & the group is nothing. The real enemies lie in the vast Big Oil & Big Pharma cronies of the Bush administration & the Wall Street crowd of the Obama Administration. Ron Paul & the Libertarians are more YOUR friend then any other political group out there. You are believing the hype.
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May 28, 2011