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I do like having accurate news but I also like having timely news. The old media might get it right but by the time they have reported it, it is old news. Even today with TV news most of the stories are nothing more than old rehashed stories from websites. If not old news most of it is pure sensationalism. The adage "if it bleeds, it leads" is worn out and is usually nothing more than fear mongering. Making people afraid to turn on their computers for fear of catching a virus, making people afraid to walk down the street in their own neighborhoods isn't good journalism. Journalism didn't lose respect because of the bloggers or websites, they lost respect when it became more about the bottom line than the story. Bloggers, while arguably less accurate, tend to be less bias as few are paid or paid very little for their stories. Journalist don't always get their facts right either. As a technical person watching TV news and reading articles in either Dallas/Ft Worth paper are more comedy for me than truth. For me the old media outlets are out of touch with the world around them and the people to whom they are reporting the news.
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