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The leads have a difficult task of creating an emotional through line. This isn't a momentarily confusing "detail," (e.g. - the use of the Italian flag in this American naval base setting) is a distracting headscratcher through the whole story. How does Adina emerge from vanity and callousness to pure love? Why does Nemorino even like Adina? Why does he decide to deny his feelings for Adina half way through the narrative (after being pitifully fawning all over her)? Tattler, have you seen an Elixir production where the emotional trajectory makes sense? Btw, I thought all the Merolini were fabulous. And Ao Li was such a pleasure. Definitely the favorite character.
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Unlike a batter, a quarterback relies on an entire offensive team for success. This makes isolating "the realization of potential" problematic. If the line can't protect him and his WR's can't catch, he's gonna seem like a bust.
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Dec 13, 2009