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The focus group last week went well. Today at 2:30, we meet with Connie and Mr. Jim Bowersox, the CFO of Life Enriching Communities. This meeting will serve as a pulse check for the project and it will be interesting to see what he thinks. At this point, (as previously mentioned in my BP16) I am reserved to the fact that the current issues in the housing market are the true culprit in Twin Towers' lack of independent living residents. Well, nothing we can do about that. The focus group and other interviews did give us hope that we can... Continue reading
Posted May 14, 2012 at CAPSTONE!
We had been doing it all wrong. No senior citizens were going to take an online survey. We were blinded by the success of our last capstone, which was almost too easy to complete in terms of market research. We couldn't send out a survey over a listserv email. Facebook certainly wouldn't get the job done. Then we turned our attention to getting a focus group together and with the help of the staff at Twin Towers, were able to put one together in just a few days. I think that it went really well. The women who sat down... Continue reading
Posted May 8, 2012 at CAPSTONE!
The title sums up my greatest fear. Everybody hears this story from their grandparents. Yesterday, we were able to sit down and conduct our first interview session for Twin Towers and while we got some good information to use, we weren't able to get the kind of information that will be useful for the market research portion of this capstone. Missing in the conversation was the importance and perception ratings for the variables that Katie and I had deemed most important from our Core Competency interviews. Then it happened again this morning, only this time with my father. He fits... Continue reading
Posted Apr 30, 2012 at CAPSTONE!
Today is the next meeting where we will determine the Core Competency for the Twin Towers. Our client, Connie, has been very helpful this past week in setting up the appropriate interviews in order for us to gain a perspective of the company from several different vantage points. The biggest difference with this capstone when compared to our first one is that I am no longer nervous or overthinking anything. With Loftus, I'd spend the hours before the meeting re-reading our books in an effort to best prepare myself for the meeting, hoping that I wouldn't mess up and say... Continue reading
Posted Apr 23, 2012 at CAPSTONE!
FINALLY! That's all I can really say. I'm pretty good with correspondence, but after the last week and a half of silence from our former client, I will always strive to be on top of my game when it comes to communicating with others. We were eventually assigned a new client, Life Enriching Communities, and we had our initial client interview with Connie Kingsbury yesterday in College Hill. I came out of the meeting feeling good, but a little confused. This Thursday, they will be presented with a marketing audit that a company in North Carolina has spent the last... Continue reading
Posted Apr 17, 2012 at CAPSTONE!
Those 12 weeks with Loftus flew by in no time. Man, did it feel good to finish our presentation. With a few more tweaks to the final paper, we will be finished with our first capstone. After spending a majority of my time last weekend working on the final presentation, I was ready to present on Monday. As 3:00 began to creep closer and closer, we were getting very nervous. I specifically remember Katie and I practicing and rehearsing our slides up until the final minute and whenever we would get to my slides, I would have no idea what... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2012 at CAPSTONE!
3 months ago, Katie and I first met with our clients at Loftus Plastic Surgery Center. Now I'm laying in bed making final tweaks to our powerpoint and I'm gearing up for our final presentation tomorrow. Before I go any further, I'd like to thank Katie for being one hell of a capstone partner (because I know that she'll creep on this post haha). Before the assignments were given, I was worried that I would be paired with somebody that wouldn't match my work ethic and my hunger to succeed. That being said, we have been a kick ass team... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2012 at CAPSTONE!
To keep it short, I'm not really sure how things are going with capstone this week. That's because I was in Austria and the Czech Republic over Spring Break on the MBA trip. It was a great time and I did actually spend a lot of time talking about Capstone with Roniqua, Sara and Ashley. We were in a chocolate shop in Linz one day and I picked up a chocolate bar that had a great brand story written on the back. Needless to say, we all started to think about when Paul Smith came in and talked to us... Continue reading
Posted Mar 26, 2012 at CAPSTONE!
Search Engine Optimization is not my forte. I really don't understand much about it. When we met with Dr. Vennemeyer last Monday to discuss his brand, my biggest questions were about his recently created website that focuses solely on breast augmentations. I briefly mentioned this in BP8, but the only connections that this website has to LPSC is the name of the doctors and the phone number to the surgery center. No mention of the practice's name at all. When I asked him what his primary motives were for creating the new site, he began talking about SEO and how... Continue reading
Posted Mar 5, 2012 at CAPSTONE!
Good things come to those who wait. It's a pretty solid quote, if you ask me. Last week I wrote about how excited I was for Phase 3 of our project and so far I have no complaints. We were able to get through the strategy and research portions of capstone relatively unscathed and I am thankful for that. While I didn't mind those parts of the project, this branding/advertising phase is where I hope to actually have some fun. Traveling back in time to December when I first got a look at our client's website, my initial reaction to... Continue reading
Posted Feb 26, 2012 at CAPSTONE!
On February 10th, I wrote this: "I believe that this was my first negative blog post. I'm going to hope that it is my last. A small speed bump is all this worrying is. I have a feeling that at this time next week I'll be feeling a lot better about our direction." Good news, I was right. What a difference a week makes. Being a very structured and organized person, I'd like to think that this negativity was stemming from the lack of production the previous week. All Katie and I were able to do was sit, wait, and... Continue reading
Posted Feb 19, 2012 at CAPSTONE!
Everything to this point has been great and we haven't had to deal with much adversity. I believe that our Project Review 1 went very well and that we continue to remain on pace to finish the project around the time that we said we would. However, the hardest part is about to occur. Katie and I had given ourselves a little more time to finish our Phase 2 because it consisted of the most client/consumer interaction modules. The AVM has been completed and the market research surveys have been given out. Unfortunately, this is where I am the most... Continue reading
Posted Feb 10, 2012 at CAPSTONE!
The title explains it all. That's what I've been thinking about all week. After we were able to secure a prospective project with Dr. Machleit and her undergraduate adverstising class, Katie and I prepared a presentation to give to the class. We went in on Monday and discussed the project and our client to about sixty students who, for the most part, just looked at us with stone cold faces. When Dr. Machleit asked the students to raise their hand if they would consider partnering with us and working on developing an advertising plan, about nine or ten committed. We... Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2012 at CAPSTONE!
Can't wait for Spring Break! It's gonna be awesome
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2012 on Drama and Distractions at CAPSTONE!
Is it really going to be Week 5 already? Hard to believe, but we now have a little over a month until we plan to present our project to Drew and our clients on March 8. From the visible output that we have, you'd think that we were far behind considering the time remaining. However, I still feel pretty good about how capstone is turning out. Phase 1 was completed way ahead of schedule, allowing us plenty of time to focus on Phase 2, which happens to be the largest amount of work with regard to the number of interactive... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2012 at CAPSTONE!
I'm getting this blog post out of the way early to make up for my lack of time management on my last post, oops. I'm also writing this early because I didn't want the excitement to dissipate my head between now and Monday. Yep, you heard me right... excitement. Capstone has been on my mind since I was accepted into the program about this time a year ago. I thought about it all summer long, during the entirety of fall quarter, and it really started to spread paranoia in my brain during winter break as I was eagerly waiting the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 18, 2012 at CAPSTONE!
Reading through some of these posts, it is easy to spot some issues that people are dealing with already. At the moment, the main culprit seems to be time. It was drilled into our heads during the first class session. Time is your enemy. Time is your enemy. You're already one week down in capstone. Now we're two weeks down. What have we all accomplished? Are we taking too long? Is this right? Should we do that instead? The ambiguity is no joke. After walking out of our original client meeting two weeks ago, Katie and I were excited about... Continue reading
Posted Jan 17, 2012 at CAPSTONE!
When I opened the email from Drew and saw that Katie and I had been assigned to Loftus Plastic Surgery Center, I immediately thought about the strategy final and how I struggled understanding all of the medical terminology. Upon first glance at their website, it is evident that Dr. Jean Loftus and Dr. Michael Vennemeyer are well known for their cosmetic surgery work not only aroung the US, but the world. Dr. Loftus has national TV appearances on programs like The View, The Today Show, and CNN News. Dealing with a client that has a national reputation was intimidating to... Continue reading
Posted Jan 8, 2012 at CAPSTONE!
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