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krista colvin
A too much coffee drinkin' mama living the life I imagine as a lifestylist + organizing maven, + recent breast cancer survivor!
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Sooooo you may have noticed I haven't posted in 2 years... I'm still kickin' just not at my business. I made a decision and forgot to let you know about it #well,that'sabadfriendnowisn'tit I traded the time allotted to my business to my family, myself, my dogs, my friends, PTO, and building my dream home. I hope you understand it's me, not you. After my crazy long battle with Breast Cancer and so quickly jumping back into the organizing industry, publishing my organizing pocket guide, and working with some of my dear clients, I realized it wasn't the right thing for me or my family. I learned I'm not as quick to process as I was once. I was not wanting to return business calls & not excited for new organizing projects. I was tired... so I retired. I want you all to know it was a GREAT RUN and THANK YOU for being part of it!!!! I'm so thankful "Organize in Style"... "Organize the Whole Shebang" was a major chapter in my life's journey. It was a fabulous chapter full of incredibly interesting women. Sooooo Thank you again, I appreciate you so very much. May you Live the Life You... Continue reading
Posted Dec 10, 2015 at Organize the Whole Shebang
Here's some simple and savvy tips to get organized for Thanksgiving & your holiday season! Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2013 at Organize the Whole Shebang
I'm slightly addicted to HOUZZ.... I was attracted to these yard ideas, then read the copy and thought you'd find them to be a good reminder... however don't feel like you need to do them all today ;) ... ps.... I especially admire the stone garden beds and think the grass/cement combo sidewalk is brilliant. What's your 'oh my!' in the pictures below? ... July Checklist for a Smooth-Running Home Architects, interior designers, and more ∨ Before starting a bathroom remodel, search for bathroom ideas and interesting products, including one-of-a-kind tubs, vanities and bath sinks. Find new home builders who can help you create a dream kitchen, complete with kitchen island, a large dining table set and a creative kitchen cabinetry design. Continue reading
Posted Jul 3, 2013 at Organize the Whole Shebang
MY TIPS for Helping your Kids Get Organized... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2013 at Organize the Whole Shebang
LOVE that the kids are back in school... Loathe all the paperwork! I'm super lucky that my kidlet's elementary school has a Friday Folder system. Every Friday they send home 'the pile' of papers for that week. No getting 3 Monday, 4 Tuesday etc. They bundle and send. Come Monday they return their 'Friday Folders' to the teacher with the 'signed' documents or checks for school pictures. It's a BRILLIANT SYSTEM! I highly reccomend you march right into the principals office and demand they hop on the same train... tell them I said so... I'm happy to be the bad good guy. In the meantime... Here's a simple system that may work wonders for you with or without the above mentioned 'friday folder' system~ FOR ALL THE PAPER 1. Carve Out a Small Space to House the Incoming Paperwork. [I use a corner of my kitchen island] 2. Designate Categories that work for your Student. [To Do. Doing. Done] plus [MOM] for the stuff you need to hang on to. The [MOM] file... Is hidden behind the 'Done' file above... you don't have to keep it there, you can keep it with your other mom stuff. TIP- if you place... Continue reading
Posted Sep 11, 2012 at Organize the Whole Shebang
"How Do I Organize all the Paper?" I get this ALLLL the time... So, I thought it would be fun to answer some of your questions on AM Northwest! Because there's never enough time to go into all the fabulous details... and there are SO many more HOW-TO DETAILS AND TIPS that I want to share with you! Over the next week, I'll tackle each question in the segment... Check back in or get the posts delivered to your inbox... It's easy... just click on the cute orange box below! Cheers to getting more organized! Continue reading
Posted Sep 10, 2012 at Organize the Whole Shebang
I will dance with you... So beautifully written... I understand completely... and I too purchased the bounce back for book for all the same reasons :)
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Thought you'd like all these links so that you can get your Back to School groove on~ Organize all their art with the fabulous new app! ARTKIVE . . . LOVE this Student Planner from . . . The Portable Homework Station [perfect for tweens + teeens] via my Chica Kim at Today's Creative Blog isn't it CUTE! . . . Find the quickest route to the big game and the least expensive place to fuel up using the app WAZE . . . Custom Water Bottles from To recreate mine, click here and use the 'athletic font'! . . . The cute Lunch Notes are Free Printables from . . . And these adordable First Day of School Printables are from, you'll need to register for their newsletter to gain access to their free printables. . . . Back to School ideas... check out my Back to School + other Pinterest Boards as well as Last year's segment "Taming the Morning Chaos!" If you learned a new tip or trick, pin the pic below! ~ Continue reading
Posted Aug 20, 2012 at Organize the Whole Shebang
If you've wondered where I've been... I've been at the ballpark cheering on 12 incredible young men, sitting in the bleachers with their mamas, shaking my DIY noise maker-shaker, and making memories with my family. What a spectacular way to spend summer #45! Photo courtesy of Windows on Life SO Proud of my son Wes and his fellow Lacamas Little League All-Stars! [handsome lil' devils aren't they! Can you pick out my boy?!] I hope you are all having a wonderful summer... I look forward to spending more time with all of you once the kidlet's are tucked neatly back into their classrooms! Cheers to the Boys of Summer! Continue reading
Posted Jul 19, 2012 at Organize the Whole Shebang
Are you kidding me?! I cringe when I hear the words "I'm bored." Some person... I'm fairly certain it wasn't my own parents, that told me "Only boring people, get bored" #DamnRightStraightup Hope these tips help keep you sane this summer, whilst the kidlets take over your house, your life, and every waking moment in between. And just a friendly reminder... This is really more for me than you, remember they will only be messing up your house and begging you to take them swimming for a brief chapter in your life. If the video above doesn't work... click on the image below~ Continue reading
Posted Jul 5, 2012 at Organize the Whole Shebang
Yes, I'm talking about when you gotta go... One or Two. Just how does one ORGANIZE such a thing... If you accompany me to my commode you'll find my toiletries organized like this... Cottonelle is asking just what does one NAME such a thing? When we're [i'm talkin' girls] are out and about... we usually ask a girlfriend to 'go' with us. I'm not sure how all that got started, maybe it started in the ol' days when you would leave the men alone to pay the dinner bill. #hmmmmmaybe Maybe you used a code name to excuse yourself from the table... maybe not. But either way, off you went to take care of business. When I was approached to help Cottonelle come up with a name, I thought sure, I'll even ask my girlfriends to help. #notabigstretchisit? And I realized that I would be quite happy getting a sample kit of Cottonelle Toilet Paper and Wipes :) I promptly 'organized' my stash of Ultra Comfort Care toilet paper and Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Wipes in my bathroom... I wasn't ready to share the good stuff with the kidlets #howdidweeverlivewithoutflushablewipes? Some of you may recall that I've had, ahem, issues.... Continue reading
Posted Jun 11, 2012 at Organize the Whole Shebang
Rules for Organizing your Closet Haven't worn it in a year? Toss it... oh no you don't! Take a peek at why you don't need to follow the rules... Continue reading
Posted Jun 4, 2012 at Organize the Whole Shebang
I'm focusing on the little things in order to accomplish the big things. Most of you know I had stage 3A breast cancer... I had a big frickin' checklist to work on. 26 months later, now that is, I'm checking off the last of my surgeries. "we can only hope to rebuild her". I'm built, more like stacked if you know what I mean ;) Once again, I underestimated how surgery kicks me in the ass. How it steals my vision, robs me of energy, makes me tear at unexpected turns, and tethers me from being the mom I want to be. Quite frankly it's harsh. It's been harsh all along... But somehow I forget, like one forgets that giving birth or having a newborn is utterly difficult... I tell myself that this one will be 'easy' because how could it actually be MORE difficult than 6 months of chemo, bi-lateral mastectomy, etc. [ETC....] My body isn't as strong as she was before, I reckon I'm still a bit angry at her for turning on me. And yet I'm thankful she has pulled me through. Through my tears, as I type, I'm not looking for your cheers, your empathy... I'm... Continue reading
Posted May 27, 2012 at Organize the Whole Shebang
Should we hand over our iPhones to our kidlets? Is all the technology too much for them? Join Me at the appSmitten Twitter Party Wednesday, May 16th at 6pm PST 9pm EST to discuss apps + kids #familyapps [it just may be educationally sound!] Preregister to be entered in a $50 iTunes Giveaway! I'll be moderating @kristacolvin along with @appSmitten @tcreativeblogs Special Guests include @angela_watson @ToryJohnson’s @mommyblogexpert Take a looky at my favorite productivity apps I think you'll love them :) Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2012 at Organize the Whole Shebang
Tips for Organizing Your Photos! This morning I shared my Photo Organizing tips with you! Products Shown in the segment: [ the Photo Sorting Signs] will be sent out directly to my SHE VIPs... To make sure you get that info, please join the other lucky SHE VIPs! Click here to become a SHE VIP! Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2012 at Organize the Whole Shebang
I LOATHE when the phone rings and I can't find a phone.... How do 4 cordless phones NOT find their way back to their bases? So today... while looking at the pretty things in Pottery Barn, I bought this. PROBLEM SOLVED :) What's an issue that you have that can simply be solved by the purchase of a new item... no sorting, no purging, no donations... just a straight up purchase? #don'tgoallcrazyonmenow Continue reading
Posted Apr 20, 2012 at Organize the Whole Shebang
Clever... Take a quick lil' survey and get apps recommended for you. Kind of like a fun magazine survey but better ;) [it was created by super smart PHD people ] because apps aren't just fun n'games... This past week appSmitten added and Special Needs App Contributors Debra Nipp and Amy Hero #smartgirls [licensed occupational therapists with nearly 30 years of combined experience between them] They specialize in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down’s Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD and learning disabilities. Most of you know that I started doing some tweeting + facebooking for appSmitten... Take a sec to follow + friend them... you'll make me look like i'm doing a stellar job and you'll be in the loop for the best apps out there. follow on twitter- click here friend on FB- click here PLUS here are my PRODUCTIVITY APP recommendatons- click here Have an 'appy day! #yesi'macheeseball Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2012 at Organize the Whole Shebang
I'm feeling it... Baseball games [little league] started! #goDodgers, Spring Break is over... and my garage looks like it's had a long winter's nap. I decided I couldn't take it any longer.... I get completely overwhelmed thinking about my garage, probably more so because I took pictures of every corner full of crapola #seeingitonfilmisalwaysworse I decided to just tackle one area. I could do that, I could knock that out without working up a sweat. Honing in on the 'mud room' section would give me the most bang for my buck. The rest can wait for warmer weather and some help getting the 'keepers' into the attic. I even spruced up my hubby's section, not much, but just enough to not drive me crazy. There wasn't much to get rid of... some recycling, a few cast offs and a pile of goes-elsewhere items... A little accomplishment amongst a mess of a space... because there's more to tackle... told you so... Continue reading
Posted Apr 14, 2012 at Organize the Whole Shebang
Last week I introduced the Time to Check in... I declared I would mend some pillows... the holes were pretty obvious #yathink? Do you like my 1970's pin cushion? #tustinmemorialelementaryschoolannualboutiquecirca70's It took me 14 minutes to mend 3 pillows that's from start to finish. It's taken me longer to take the photos, upload, edit, blog + post about them ;) and... I said I would sell some items leftover from my daughter's room redo. As I type the cute lil' side table/cupboard is setting out front with a sign on it. I also listed it at Rumgr which is a fun lil' app. But oh no, I didn't stop there... Bam, I knocked out my hubby's t-shirt drawer. It was simple, I added expandable drawer dividers like these from Storables. #it'sthelil'things and nope, I didn't even stop there... Now his socks are sorted... #yes,whatanicewife #yesthisisadifferentdrawerdividerbutdoesthesamething There's even more... I went into the garage #ohyesidid However, I'm going to save that for another post #tease So Chicas... what have knocked out?! Continue reading
Posted Apr 11, 2012 at Organize the Whole Shebang
Today on AM Northwest I shared some products that I discovered [and some that were featured in the "Organizer's Favorite Things" break out session at the annual NAPO [national assoc of prof. organizers] Conference in Baltimore! Oh hello fabulous Hidden Recycler from Rubbermaid! When you need some organizing inspiration.... Getting Organized Magazine-a new quarterly publication. Take a peeky at these 'organizing task cards' from Get Buttoned Up! 30 days to fabulous! Pliio! I bought these for my son's t-shirts... I'm a whiz at folding but he needs a some major help ;) As soon as he saw me testing it out, he wanted in on the folding action. His sister got the bug too! #tomsawyereffect 3M is all over it again! They've gone full sticky on their infamous Post-it notes and updated their command hooks to include a line of clear hooks... in my opionion they're so much hipper than the ol' white hooks. This Meeting Planner from Mead is perfect for all your 'meeting' notes! I was bummed I ran out of time during my segment because I didn't get a chance to tell everyone about WallMates [also from Mead]... Quick, Easy, and Repositionable :) I think I'll use... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2012 at Organize the Whole Shebang
I'm feeling it... and hearing it. Frogs, birds, the scramble to get out the door for little league practice. Pretty lil' flowers bursting open! Spring! Glorious put-the-leaves-back-on-the-trees Spring! I'm also feeling it... the urge to clear clutter, reorganize, drop a few lbs. Yesterday I tackled a chaotic area of my garage [more on this later this week] I should really think, I mean do, something about the lbs... but hey whatever, it's easier to drop clutter lbs and more fun. #who'swithmeonthatn My gig over at appSmitten has me reviewing productivity apps... and oh yes, this month I found a few incredible apps! Need to off some of your clutter? Get the kid's doing chores? Need THE list for cleaning routines? Got you covered sistah'. Take a looky! Just a reminder... signing up is Free, you pick a daily or weekly email specifically based on your tech gadgets~ but the cleaning is up to you :) Do you have some fave Spring Cleaning Apps?! Do Tell... I'd love to know! Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2012 at Organize the Whole Shebang
Just knocked out my pillow project... took 14 minutes to mend 3 pillows... but they've been weighing on me for months!
Ok Chica Chicas... It's time for a fun new [possibly monthly] challenge! Because quite frankly sometimes you just need a lil' kick in the spanx... Introducing the... You can accomplish quite a lot in 5 Minutes... Trust me... but if you don't or just need some proof take a peeky at these 5 Minute Projects Tulips... they deserve a stiff cocktail5minutestofabulous Tame a Pile5minutestofabulous Your Handbag, Junk Drawer, Closet, Mud Room, Landing Zone5minutestofabulous Organize Your Accessories5minutestofabulous All Those Socks5minutestofabulous In the Kitchen5minutestofabulous Some pics of my own messy house5minutestofabulous and this one because truly I can be a mess5minutestofabulous or how about these pics on my 5 Minutes to Fabulous Pinterest Board Let's declare "Now is the New Later", set your timers, and let's knock out some 5 Minute Projects! Who's with me?! 1. Declare your 5 Minute Project [3 ways- pick one or do all three] [1.Pin the 5 Minutes to Fabulous badge above to your Pinterest Board 2. leave a comment here on this blog post 3. comment on my FB page] 2. Set your Timer for 5' 3. Knock it out! 4. Optional: Post before + after pictures on my FB page [because it's fun to... Continue reading
Posted Apr 4, 2012 at Organize the Whole Shebang
Hi Andi! I'm excited too... and a little nervous! Cheers, k
Hi Sarah! You'll need to check in with Allison re. that question... her blog post on the presentation is