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I was quite stoked this year to find the Best Father's Day Gift EVER: CleanSpa Luxury Handheld Bidet! I know, I know... but the man has been shamelessly talking about wanting a house with a Bidet since I met him... so when I saw it, I didn't think twice about it. Best. Gift. Ever.
Oh man.... the hardest part of this one is choosing WHICH photo to use... her hair is the very definition of EPIC... from bedhead to done up, and everywhere in between.
My almost 2 year old daughter (21 months) is quite the little talker lately. My all-time favorite, though, is her using her manners. It doesn't matter what I hand her or do for her, she always very dramatically tells me, "Day-doo, mama!" (Maybe she just got tired of me reminding her, "What do you say?" or telling her, "Say Thank you!")...
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Re-tweeted. @spbykristas
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2012 on Have Messy Kids Met Their Match? at Mommy Shorts
My lovely daughter has a fabulous habit of disposing of all leftovers on her plate when she has decided she's finished eating... she drops and/or throws them on the ground around her. My kitchen floor is officially a "shoes should be worn at all times" area of my house. Try as I may, that floor is never clean. The most attractive quality of the VersaVac for me is that it is a broom AND a vacuum... Sweeping is quite the task for me because of the "help" I receive from my daughter... but vacuuming... . You so much as SAY the word vacuum and this kid is running for the safety of the couch and wimpering. I might actually succeed at sweeping. :)
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2012 on Have Messy Kids Met Their Match? at Mommy Shorts
My girl's favorite item is my wallet. (I'm in trouble.) She empties it out, throws all contents (usually receipts, not money) and then discards it. The iPhone is only a favorite momentarily... I think she prefers my reaction and instant attention MUCH more than she likes the phone at this point.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2012 on How a Toddler Views a Purse at Mommy Shorts
So cute! I love the "toddler hold." So true. The thought of braving an amusement park is terrifying to me... when my friend suggested we take the kids to the dinosaur museum this weekend, my "Ok" definitely came out with a question mark or two at the end. I had images of dinosaur bones crashing down around my giggling 18 month old. (Thank god, that didn't happen. We survived.)
Seriously!!! I have mastered the ballerina oven move. But my 18 month old is ninja quick. I have discovered that strapping her into the highchair with some of last night's leftovers works wonders... just means that she eats a day behind the rest of us every night. ;)
Wow... Kudos for trying!! I have a friend that teaches at the ski school for kids at Brighton Ski Resort in Salt Lake. You should look into something like that for next time... :) She has already warned me that once my daughter turns 2, she's taking her up the slopes.
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2012 on Toddlers And Skiing Don't Mix at Mommy Shorts
My favorite is actually not MY daughter's... it's my niece. She has a bad case of plumber's crack. So she goes around telling everyone (when they have the same misfortune) "I can see your butt-track."
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2012 on Maffles are Melicious at Mommy Shorts
I have a whole new respect for traveling mothers/parents with infants/toddlers after having to do it myself! I used to be the person giving the sidelong glances at people with children silently hoping they weren't on my flight... until I was the one on the receiving end of those glances. And to make matters worse, each time I have flown, it has been solo-- wrangling an infant AND carry-ons. I have learned that it is definitely worth the $20-40 to check bags... and making friends with those sitting next to you is PRICELESS.
(Posted already as "Krista", but decided to post using Facebook... I wanted our picture!) My 9-month old, Ella'Lin dances mostly to anything hip-hop or rap... I credit it to the massive amounts of live hip hop shows we went to while I was pregnant. She's not quite walking yet, but that doesn't stop this girl from bouncing... in fact, all the bouncing, I'm pretty sure is what's keeping her from WALKING. I'll try to catch a video and post it.
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