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Krista Yates
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I recall a certain someone telling me I concocted a few "outstanding meals". Um hmmm. Well regardless, your blog was great!
So glad you held it in on the third date!
There's nothing worse than a nasty, dry, nose whistle. Hate it.
And what about the guys that show up with masks on? Come on! That's supposed to make us feel better having to work with you?
Totally. What's even worse is when you get the "canceller" saying they want to stop in last minute and see you before Christmas, so you rush out and buy a Shoppers Drug Mart box of chocolate and bottle of wine only to have them cancel on you. Ugh. The wine you drink, but the stale chocolate you find the next year and feel kind of bad giving it to your co-worker.
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Dec 30, 2010
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Dec 30, 2010