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Thanks for linking to my piece! I think you're right that the church needs more intimacy with God, and that the Holy Spirit could change our mindset-- but with a mindset as subconscious and deep-rooted as this, it would take a lot of time.
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"How can we get the message across" is the burning question I haven't figured out yet. I used to think all we had to do was share information like this and it would be received with joy-- but many people are invested in the way things are and highly resistant to change. Gotta keep spreading the message anyway-- the more people who do embrace it, the less of a foothold the "women are forbidden" camp will have.
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Well, voting is something people do privately. It's not the same as calling someone a kidnapper/hostage holder of Jesus. Media broadcasters have to be careful not to make enemies, even the ones who work in Portland.
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I think the station should certainly be allowed to air their views, but "kidnapped and held hostage" really is kind of inflammatory. If they had simply said, "misrepresented by the Christian Right," it might have gone over much better. Part of what characterizes central Oregon's way of doing things is that what I would call the "silent majority" of us walk peacefully down the middle-- and that includes not pushing the buttons of either side too hard.
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Sure, women are valued in complementarianism-- if they do only what is considered valuable for women to do. Sure, women are given room to serve-- it's just that the room is the kitchen or the laundry room. "Room to serve" reminds me of the commercial about the little girl on the bike who is given "room to ride" that is approximately six feet by six feet. The point is that even a child can see when "room" doesn't really mean real freedom.
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