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Wil, I love you to death, and I adore Geek & Sundry... but I have to say again that I will never re-up with Google in order to subscribe to or like Tabletop on YouTube. Please please please talk the PTB into crowdfunding again! Or getting a sponsor that'll do a challenge sponsorship, like with challenge grants, so it's still partially fan-funded. Or fifteen small sponsors who really mean something to geeks, like privately-owned gaming stores or a sci-fi publisher or Joss Whedon or something. (That Avengers money has to be pretty good.) There's got to be a way that this can continue without fans having to sell out to big business. Otherwise it's just TV all over again. Ugh...I need to get off the soapbox. This is just important to me, so it's hard to shut up.
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Wil: does watching Tabletop at Geek & Sundry, as many of us do, help with a next season? I'm assuming that upvotes is just a way to quantify viewership for advertisers or sponsors? Would site traffic do the same? I dumped Google all together when they did the mass merge. So far, the only thing I feel I've missed out on are G&S-related hangouts. It looks like G&S are working on their own chat platform, though. So I hope that comes together and I can continue to pretend Google+ doesn't exist. On that note, if you want to use Kickstarter for another season, I say do it! I like directly supporting the things I like, rather than filtering it through some old-fashioned advertiser/commerce model. (And please, commenters, read the comments before yours! Chartier linked an article explaining why Wil sees a G+ while others still see thumbs.)
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May 2, 2012