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Since you mentioned, "you have to be even more creative in attracting donors." I wanted to share this article with readers: Crowdfunding - How Not To Sound Like You're Begging By Holdon Log So you want to produce a project... that’s great! However, are you are hitting the proverbial wall of not having the funds to create your LLC, to rent a space for auditions, to get your... Hope this helps, ~Kristina
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Ken glad that you are covering this. I've used 3 different services for sending my 'Hughes Happenings' quarterly newsletter and I am happy to recommend MailerLite: Here's my Fall 2011 Issue: It's $99 for the entire year, unlimited sends, up to 10,000 subscribers. Over 10K it's $99 for each group of 10K. Support has been great and they've even added social network profiles that I suggested including my IMDB link and YouTube which some other companies didn't have. If I can add 2 other "tips"...using a service protects people on your email list from having others see their emails. It's a poor business who emails from their Outlook including everyone on the planets' email addresses within the email. Lastly, it allows people to permanently remove themselves if they aren't interested in hearing from you. Rather than having to ask you to remove them. Saves time and money for you and less aggravation for them.
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Dec 21, 2011